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Providing Marketing &
Small Business Consulting Services.
Providing Marketing &
Small Business Consulting Services.
Providing Marketing &
Small Business Consulting Services.
Providing Marketing &
Small Business Consulting Services.

Small Business Marketing Agency

Market Financial Services


The pandemic has been a disrupter in global commerce, and although we all look to getting back to some mode of normalcy, the fact is we are now living in our new normal. Pivoting, or learning how to pivot, is a new business terminology that all practitioners are learning, the creation of new business models as well. But one thing is sure: change; we all live this change in how we do business today compared to pre-pandemic. So, the discovery of new solutions to handle legacy pain points still remains.

Marketing, sales, and service are still a constant, and the ubiquitous of the internet has made the business world move quicker, agile and continuous push for knowledge can be overwhelming, and structure is needed to contain this knowledge and have it in one central place for extraction, and this is where our state-of-the-arts “FREE CRM” system comes in. The CRM system is a management tool that brings all departments or functions together for a more seamless transition from department interaction between two or more departments. No more silos of one department not knowing what the other is doing; all departments now interact TOGETHER.

HubSpot “FREE” CRM System

What do you know about HubSpot? As a certified solutions partner with HubSpot, we would like to introduce to you a business philosophy called inbound marketing, that focuses on customers in how they want to buy, and WE being knowledgeable of this being there at the right time to provide YOU what YOU want in the way YOU want it. Thus, our “FREE CRM” System.

But why HubSpot? If your business deals with people and, let’s face it, what business does not, then HubSpot is for you. HubSpot’s “FREE CRM” brings all departments and functions together in one centralized place. Management knows what each department is doing and what is next. Marketing knows what sales are doing; likewise, sales understand what marketing is doing to bring a holistic approach to the business that departments and all parties are aware of what is going on in the organization, no more silos.

If you want to know more about our “FREE CRM,” CLICK HERE to align your schedule with mine, and answer all your questions and get you started on OUR FREE CRM System TODAY.

Small Business Financing

Business Consulting

Thus, the agency partners with lenders, whose objective is to provide capital for the agency’s clientele. Their specialty is the financing of small businesses from $5,000-several millions of dollars. Researchers state that money is one of the main reasons small businesses fail and marketing. The agency’s objective is to assist small businesses with both issues. Dr.  Mitchell, who holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, and Business Management, along with 40-years of practical experience in small business, help  small business owners obtain that needed capital for their small business, along with digital marketing transformation.

Our Lending Partners

Well, it has been months (18 months) since the government shut down the American economy. It is hard for merchants to open their businesses with confidence, with the government continuously shutting them down. Give entrepreneurship a chance and let merchants know what you, the federal-state governments, look for and expect for a business to remain open. As entrepreneurs, we accept the risk of making a profit when there is one but give us a chance to make that profit. Just give us some kind of workaround, a manual of sorts, and we will take it from there.

Just saying. So, here are the loan programs our partners offer to our clientele:

  • Small business loans
  • Equipment financing
  • Commercial financing
  • Vendor financing
  • Franchise financing
  • Business line-of-credit
  • Interest-only-flex payment
  • Flex-pay loan
  • Bridge loans
  • Hybridge-SBA loans
  • Performance advance
  • Cannabusiness financing
  • SBA loans
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Merchant cash advance

So, if your bank or credit union rejects your loan proposal, why not contact us and let us make it happen.
Dr. Donald E. Mitchell

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Welcome to Donald E. Mitchell Agency, Inc.

The agency works in two distinct ways (1) as a marketing agency. It partnered with business organizations, and other business organizations committed to providing other business services to the agency clientele that will help them grow. And (2) the agency works as a small business consultant. The objective is to help small businesses acquire capital because this is one reason why small businesses fail. From a marketing standpoint, the agency works as an independent contractor, under contract on behalf of a principal.

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