Published: November 9, 2020

Covid-19 And Sales & Marketing

The pandemic has changed how we have done business in the past, and the traditional way of doing business will give way to digital transformation. People are scared to come into contact with others due to this life-threatening virus. With over 225,000 people dead in the United States from this disease, we are now at 100,000 people per day, becoming infected with the virus. So what does that really mean? The holidays will not be the same this year.

Kevin Weiss had done a two-part article on covid-19 on how sales & marketing have changed how small businesses deal with this holiday commerce with their customers. The growing census is e-commerce is the direction of retail sales for now only in the current pandemic but post-pandemic. The e-commerce metrics are up over the same time due to people not willing to interact with others; they will shop online. E-commerce shopping is up 47% over last year’s same time.

So the question is, do you have a website that is e-commerce enabled? If not, then your small business can not take advantage of this opportunity. Online merchandisers are giving deals to shoppers who patronize their business. With the next day’s providing and same-day delivery, the shopping experience is more delightful for the consumer. Retailers must stock-up merchandise as they have in the past to have inventory when the consumer wants it without delays or backorders.

  However, does the merchant have the capital to purchase stock for the holiday traffic? One of the problems some merchants will have is acquiring the money needed to obtain inventory for this period. However, this is one reason why small businesses go out of business due to the lack of funds to take advantage of opportunities. So, digital marketing and the transformation from conventional marketing over to digital will save the merchant money and time due to the digital marketing process’s speed. So, without the inventory, can the merchant turn in enough merchandise, and then reorder in this holiday season and be guaranteed delivery to ship out quickly to their customers?

You ask yourself how many times the merchant can do this process without inventory on-site before the suppliers say he can not fulfill his order? E-commerce is part of the new digital frontier not only during the pandemic but post-pandemic too. Thus, pivoting from the traditional sales and marketing processes is slower and cost more than the digital strategies.  Merchant must learn how to use technology that we all have in hand to do business transactions in the new Millenium.

What are these technological devices we all have? Cellular phones and computers. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and cellular phones can be viewed as consumer products and have commercial applications. Thus, with the introduction of the internet and the technological devices named above and software, apps, and cloud applications, merchants have almost an unlimited opportunity to grow their business.

Covid-19 And The Impact on Business

Enterprise Times did an article in July 2020 on the impact of the corvid-19 and the process of sales and marketing. Their research found that 20% of businesses implied they had not seen any business difference since the pandemic. The other 80% find themselves seeking innovative ways not just to survive but prosper in the era of the epidemic. The researchers found that sales prospecting evolved in the pandemic with the working with marketing, the two become a team and incorporate their future goals to be one.

In the pandemic era, working at home is the new normal of how one works. This group is mostly college graduates, over those who do manual labor and are called essential workers who do not have the same.

So, in the post-pandemic era, will this workforce be continued? Researchers believe so. Researchers have found no work irregularities between those who work at home to those who work at the office, mostly it is phycological. The need for social binding and interacting with others is a need some have over others who do not need this social interaction.

Thus, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the business world, especially in sales and marketing. The evolvements of AI and artificial intelligence in how we work increases the workflow and suggestion on other ways to do business. Small businesses are unique to overcome this pandemic, better they would have two decades ago or before the internet. The business world has changed; communication has changed; communicating to other parts of the world is cheaper than any additional time in our history.


Small businesses must continue to revolve around the pandemic through research, then practicing what one has researched to manage marketing and sales strategies better. Seeking new markets to service that market better than our competitors through providing more value and embracing digital transformation through websites and e-commerce enabled websites to do business 24/7 and moving from traditional to digitalization for a quicker and more economical way of doing commerce. Merchants must acquire new skill-sets to make them relevant to the present and the future.

The pandemic has made sales and marketing change and the management of business too. This holiday season, e-commerce is the way of moving merchandise and other business services because consumers are frightened about visiting brick-mortar organizations. Small companies must learn how to use technology better to build their businesses and stay competitive.

To those who want to learn more about websites and e-commerce and get your organization up and running, contact us, and we will make it happen. And if you want to know about other services we render, then reach out to us, and we will reach back within 24 hours.
Dr. Donald E. Mitchell

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