2022 Marketing Trends

Published: January 3, 2022

Biggest marketing trends in 2022



Well, the world has changed since 2019 and given a new nickname, “The New Normal.” The way businesses do commerce may be forever changed, where new business models are needed, and entrepreneurs and small businesses must learn to pivot in new ways of being innovative and doing new processes differently to make a profit. This, can be complex for those who use the same strategies as in 2019 and want the same results.

New Marketing Trends

Digital marketing and digital transformation have brought about a new way of doing business since 2019, and the pandemic is a worldwide issue in commerce. Firms such as Simplilearn have done articles on this issue in how they see this new normal going. However, those business organizations who take hold of digital marketing and the move to digital transitions must position their organizations now to build optimized websites to bring visitors into the site, increase website traffic, and turn those visitors into repeat customers.

Some have said traditional marketing is dead, but that is not accurate; look around you; the process, still used every day. Nevertheless, when done right, digital marketing is an inexpensive way of getting your message to the public at a low cost and high upside. So learning this new process is a must for small businesses to stay competitive in their industry or market.

Social Distancing

With the rising of sick people due to the covid-19 virus, wearing masks is here to stay for some time. This affects commerce, with vaccinated people not wanting to be around those not. Consequently, being in large crowds indoors can bring about complications of the transmittal of the virus. Since this virus looks like it will be here for some time, it is now something we all must learn to live together with now. And merchants must learn how to move their goods and services without contacting their customers.


One of the answers to social distancing in business is that merchants use e-commerce as a payment method. Big to medium-sized companies, for the most part, have websites. And they have before this pandemic used credit cards as a method of payment from their customers. The less significant small businesses need to start taking credit cards.

Small businesses before the pandemic did not accept credit cards. For some due to the cost and others the risk of receiving. Merchants are responsible for the transactions they take from their customers, and there is always the chance of a charge-back. And charge-back can be detrimental to a small business owner’s cash flow. So they elect to mitigate this risk by not taking credit cards.

And depending on the area of location of the business, the risk could also be stolen credit cards. Which, once again, the merchant is responsible. Now small merchants must reconsider the past reasons and consider accepting these cards and ways of mitigating the risks of charge-backs to their firms.


Small merchants again have a lower percentage of websites than their larger counterparts. Thus, this can be another low-cost way of marketing their goods and services to the community. The website can work 24/7 and never ask for a raise or time off. This will equate to the merchant breaking into the digital marketing arena; email marketing can enhance the merchant’s bottom line by developing blogs.


Well, if anyone thought 2022, we can get back to pre-pandemic, now that wish list is gone. The new reality is that this virus and its variants will be with us for some time to come. Currently, worldwide, the celebration of fireworks has been canceled. There have been massive changes to the celebration of bringing in the New Year have been relooked at and modified to slow the spread of omicron.

Although this new virus is more contagious, it is milder than its predecessor, delta. More people are sick due to this new variant, but not with the same effect as before, ill unto death. So, people still must wear their masks when they go out and among the crowds.

Wearing Masks

The CDC still requests the same protocol as before; wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands. Now we have the flu season, and with the combination of the flu and omicron, we have a new emergence called flurona, the blend of omicron and the flu. The wearing of a mask and the keeping of all CDC’s protocol will reduce the spread of this disease.

Those who are vaccinated

Why is there such a problem with getting vaccinated? I remember when the polio vaccine in the 60s when it rolled out, there were no issues of people saying I will not get my child immunized because I don’t know what is in it! We just lined up, took the cube of sugar, and never thought anything about it. The result; polio was cured and dismantled from our way of life.

But today, there seems to be some disconnect with those not getting vaccinated. These are the same people showing up at the hospitals. And, keeping those with issues or the need to hospitalize away from the doctors. These people are not immunized and take up all the space in the hospital. And leaving those with heart attacks and who need operations stranded and not getting immediate attention could lead to death.

Hybrid events

And finally, we have hybrid events. The pandemic has led entrepreneurs, and small businesses alike to different measures to maintain contact with their customers and new business development, so enter virtual events. Thus, a way of connecting to a global audience, and this trend expected to continue into our foreseeable future.

Businesses, are projected to spend more money through video presentations and other digital marketing concepts to showcase their business acumen in unconventionally pivoting to different business practices for marketing purposes and their new business development. And other digital marketing processes include

  • conferences,
  • trade shows,
  • webinars,
  • virtual team meetings.

Concluding Remarks
Now, this is not an exclusive list, but an idea on where 2022 will take us, either willingly or crying, screaming and declaring we have personal writes that we don’t want to put aside for the betterment of the whole and good health to our nation.

Do you have a website, or must you redo it for the perilous times we now live in to get people to continue to do business with you through e-commerce or curbside pickup? Is it time to readjust your business plan or business model to deal with the new normal and challenges of doing business during the pandemic? Experts say we must learn to live with this disease, for it is not going anywhere soon.

Thus, If my agency can help your organization implement an e-commerce site or suggest a granular solution for your business, I recommend booking time on my calendar for a free consultation.

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About the author:

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell work as a Small Business Consultant specializing in value solutions partnering, management software, digital transformation, digital marketing, e-commerce, website development, and alternative financing.  The primary focus is on small business growth and solutions for growth through sales and digital marketing.

The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview, experience, and academic study and acumen, and research in the issues and practices mentioned in entrepreneurship and business management.`

Our motto is, we aim to please-always!


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