Are we in The Post-Pandemic, or is Much of The Same?

Coronavirus: How the world of work may …

The World Has Changed Since Covid-19, Have You?

A series was done on this very subject, by: Philippa Fogarty, Simon Frantz, Javier Hirschfeld, Sarah Keating, Emmanuel Lafont, Bryan Lufkin, Rachel Mishael, Visvak Ponnavolu, Maddy Savage and Meredith Turits. However, it was not posed as a question but as shown factual incidents. They showed how the work situation around the world is changing and has changed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Thus, it is a global crisis that affects us all locally. Hence, working remotely, at home, by those who, for the most part, are better educated-white collar workers who understand computers and technology better used in their professional work environment that is not dependent on place, space or walls.

However, those labeled the essential worker, the bus drivers or delivers, restaurant workers, or other manual labor workers do not have this luxury; they must physically show up and work to get paid. Consequently, people are reevaluating their work-life situations over money or sickness, or even death. The reevaluation of career choices is looked at more frequently, making decisions for the family’s overall benefit. Information is ubiquitous access from any device that has an internet connection. Education has always been the ticket out of poverty, either self-imposed or through other conventional means to obtain certification, diploma, or degrees; it can now be done online.

The question is, are we now in the post-pandemic era, or are we still trying to find our way around the covid-19? Thus, is what we are looking for is it already at hand currently? We have had a year and a half in learning covid-19 have evolved and learned enough to move forward with the current status quo and move in a horizontal motion to care for workers, employers, and all stakeholders in how we move forward in the future?

Traditional Vs. Digital Business Ecosystem

Well, here we are; there seems to be some debate whether we are in the post-pandemic or still stuck in covid-19. In this researcher’s opinion, our biggest savior to this pandemic is the internet; without it, we would have a real problem in the business community. Before 1991, which seems like forever to the young business community, was only 30 years ago, whereas Tim Berners-Lee, arguably the father of the World Wide Web (WWW) But was the development of the WWW changed everything. However, with the blending of the internet and the WWW, this is that silver bullet.

So when one identifies with a traditional ecosystem, you are speaking about anything that is not computer-related or dealing with the internet. At the same time, the opposite is for digital. With the dawning of the millennium, which started in 2000, things began to change. Firms like Microsoft and Google, and other internet firms that came up in the new millennium changed how the world does business today.

Now let us get back to where we are today, 2021. Hence, the digital progress made in the last three decades gave us the weapons used for the virus dismissal, which includes the vaccinations developed on short notice to bring this virus to where it is now manageable. However, there are some in the population that, whatever their reasons, have vowed not to get vaccinated that will strain the evitability of coming out in the end with herd immunity, could be jeopardized.

The Changing Business Ecosystem

In her June 2020 in the changing business ecosystem, Andrea Cavallari brought about fascinating insights into how the pandemic has changed the world in how it will operate in the future, and what we have learned in its wake. The coronavirus pandemic is the creator of more than a global health emergency, but a new way of life imposed. The question is, will organizations and individuals take heed to what’s presented, and learn from it, and evolve to become better? With more than two billion people globally on the planet quarantined to halt the spread of this disease. Industries ceased their production lines, then many merchants closed their doors, and companies had to evolve and adapt their working conditions as many people had to rethink and learn how to coordinate their routines.

Nevertheless, everything has its golden lining, and so it is so with this pandemic. Hence, the birth of modern innovations, enterprises, and new methodologies of doing things slightly differently. The pandemic only helped accelerate business changes discussed for years but now brought business agility and survival. Thus, the usage of technology and various collaborative tools gain more prominence in the new digital environment. Hence, the post-pandemic era will give way to new methods and will be essential to:


 The covid-19 pandemic has touched the lives of all of us globally; it has no bearing on race, color, creed, or culture. Businesses, be they small or large, must learn how to their benefit to deal with this virus as far as the organization and its workers, and still profitable at the same time. The new generation of workers at home could continue into the foreseeable future, especially if this process shows no ill effects of remote working and drop-off productivity.

My agency, Donald E. Mitchell Agency, Inc., had to change or pivot in this covid-19 pandemic. Whereas, we started as supplying alternative financing to small business in the restaurant industry in 2020, had to reevaluate the market, and shift to a sustainable product or service to the business community due to the government was offering the same, and you can’t beat the government in the rates and terms they were giving, even down to forgiveness of the loans.

So our shift was to consult small businesses out of the pandemic into prosperity through specially developed business software to organizations of all kinds, in the area of (1) marketing, (2) sales, and (3) service. And for those traditional businesses who have not transitioned into the digital ecosystem, we are here to help these firms make that transition. Our software has Artificial Intelligence embedded into it and is designed to boost organizations’ profitability in the marketplace no matter what industry, be it non-profit or profit.

So in the following week or so, if you desire to discuss how this can be done in your organization, click here to schedule a mutually agreeable appointment.

About the author:

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell holds a doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management works as a Small Business Consultant specializing in alternative financing, digital transformation, digital marketing, e-commerce, website development, and management software. He has offices in Southfield, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois. His primary focus is on small business organizations.


The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview, experience, and academic study, and research in the issues and practices mentioned in entrepreneurship and business management.