Covid-19 Pandemic And Sales Management

Published: October/20/2021

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) | COVID-19 Reset … Before we get involved with today’s blog, let’s get on the same understanding of what is sales and sales management. According to David […]

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Are we in The Post-Pandemic, or is Much of The Same?

Published: October/18/2021

Coronavirus: How the world of work may … The World Has Changed Since Covid-19, Have You? A series was done on this very subject, by: Philippa Fogarty, Simon Frantz, […]

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Selling your Products, Services in The Pandemic and Being Profitable

Published: October/11/2021

9 Ethical Ideas to Drive Ecommerce … Mile Glover gave an exceptional depiction of sales during the pandemic and covid-19. Merchants in all industries have indeed had to change […]

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A CRM For Your Business?

Published: October/6/2021

What is a CRM: How and Why Your Small … What is a CRM? CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A CRM system is a computer […]

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As a Small Business Owner, Are You Prepared for Another Shutdown?

Published: September/27/2021

Why a second Covid-19 shutdown might be … An interesting article was written in Bankrate by Rebecca Lake on the possibilities of another business shutdown; the question is, would […]

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Do you Know why Your Small Business Loan was Rejected?

Published: September/8/2021

How small businesses can avoid loan … Last week I spoke about getting business funding for your small business through debt or equity financing. This week I will talk […]

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How to Get Business Funding for Your Business?

Published: August/30/2021

Small Business Funding … How to Get Business Funding for Your Business When The Banks Say NO? Business owners are aware of growing their business; they need capital, short […]

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Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business in a Pandemic, is it Worth it?

Published: August/23/2021

Starting a new business – Prestige … Starting a new business may be one of the most challenging things one may do in their life. Timothy Carter did an […]

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Marketing and Selling in a Pandemic for Small Businesses

Published: August/18/2021

Marketing through a Pandemic – Tips … As the summer is winding down and Labor Day is fastly approaching, we in the business world are beginning to realize; it […]

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Covid-19, And The Delta Variant in Small Business Operations

Published: August/16/2021

The Delta Variant Of The Coronavirus Is … Edward Segal wrote in Forbes the different business issues and changes entrepreneurs must go through dealing with covid-19 variant from the […]

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President Bidens Infrastructure Deal, Will Small Businesses Profit?

Published: August/9/2021

Biden reaches bipartisan infrastructure … President Biden has gotten his bipartisan infrastructure deal passed, but at what cost to small businesses? It is assumed that small businesses benefit when […]

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Small Business and The Delta Variant

Published: August/2/2021

Courtesy of: Why Is Delta the Worst Variant of Covid … With the new delta variant, which is more contagious than its predecessor, the alpha variant, we now have […]

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Entrepreneurship: Covid-19 And The Delta Variant is it More Deadly?

Published: July/26/2021

Courtesy of The COVID-19 Delta Variant Explained … Theresa Waldrop of CNN wrote an article Updated 6:25 PM ET, Wed July 21, 2021, on the new Delta variant spreading […]

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White Supremacy and Police Brutality in America

Published: July/18/2021

Protesters are driven from the Capitol by police on January 6.Photograph by Ashley Gilbertson / VII / Redux Introduction-Preamble The pandemic/Covid-19 slowed down the world and got us all to […]

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Voter Suppression In America

Published: July/12/2021

There are 2 kinds of GOP bills … Overview and Synopsis Is the United States a contradiction unto its self? The land of the brave, and the home of the […]

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Entrepreneurship: Jim Crow Laws

Published: July/6/2021

Courtesy of Georgia During the Slavery, prejudice, separation of a people can be traced back to the beginning of civilization. The Bible speaks clearly on how the Egyptians enslaved […]

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White Supremacy and Entrepreneurship

Published: June/30/2021

By Simon Clark July 1, 2020, 9:02 am Courtesy of Getty/Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency Neo-Nazis and white supremacists march through the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11, 2017. Simon […]

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Entrepreneurship in America in The 21st Century; Black vs. White

Published: June/22/2021

Product Black Entrepreneurs in America: Stories … For the most part, entrepreneurship allows one to forge and take control of their destiny with the knowledge of unknown certainties as […]

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The Three Financial Calamities of The 21st Century

Published: June/15/2021

Courtesy of A Depression For The 21st Century The 21st century has brought three financial crises unto its self. The first was the dot-com burst of 2000, the second […]

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Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Published: May/28/2021

Due to health reasons, I have not been able to blog consistently as I have in the past. I was identified with lung cancer by Veterans Administration in October 2018, […]

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The Biden American Rescue Plan For Small Businesses Extended to May 31, 2021

Published: March/29/2021

Courtesy of The good and bad in Biden’s giant The Senate voted to extend the Biden American Rescue Plan by a margin of 92-7 for the PPP extension A.C.T. […]

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The Pandemic a Year Later

Published: March/22/2021

Courtesy of Broome County Pandemic: One year later The Epidemic One Year Later Well, it has been a year now since the pandemic has hit the world, including America. […]

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The Biden American Rescue Plan

Published: March/15/2021

Courtesy of the Stimulus Package Update: What’s in the … Two Great Things That Happened March 2021 It helps to have an advocate in the White House, and President […]

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President Biden Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Published: March/1/2021

Time is Running Out! PPP How to Apply  Megan Henney did an article in Fox Business on how to get a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan under the Biden administration […]

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The Pandemic, Vaccines, and the Economy

Published: February/23/2021

Courtesy of Coronavirus vaccines are coming, but On Sunday, February 21, 2021, we have lost 500,000 souls to the United States’ coronavirus. Many scientists say this did not have […]

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In a Pandemic: What Small Businesses Should do

Published: February/16/2021

Courtesy of Home – Small Business Advocacy Council 2021 has moved into many strategies for small businesses to deliver not only for this year but for years to come. […]

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Breached? What do You do Now?

Published: February/13/2021

Breach News Summary – Fighting Identity On February 9, 2021, my email was breached. I started getting calls immediately from vendors, and other business partners, and associates regarding this […]

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The Uncertainty in Business

Published: February/11/2021

Courtesy of to cope with uncertainty in business Six weeks into the new year and uncertainty is all around us, with more questions than answers to be addressed. Thus, […]

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Does the Health of an Entrepreneur Affect Their Business?

Published: January/27/2021

Courtesy of I remember hearing that I had lung cancer at the V.A. hospital in Chicago, Ill October 2018. My wife, a nurse, immediately jumped to the ready and […]

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Small Business Survival Trends for 2012

Published: January/24/2021

Courtesy of A New Beginning for America Well, a new administration has taken hold and a new beginning for America. After the ugly scene that took place in our […]

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Continued Change to Digital Marketing for 2021

Published: January/17/2021

Courtesy of It has been 30 days since my last post, and a lot has happened since then. There is nothing but change to start this new year off […]

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Jim Brenner-Lee: The Father of the WorldWide Webb

Published: December/15/2020

Jim Brenner-Lee is the father and inventor of the World Wide Web, which was discovered August 6, 1991, while working at CERN, and makes it one of the most promising […]

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The Pandemic-New Business Models

Published: December/12/2020

As entrepreneurs and small business professionals, we seek a profit and clarity on and why we do what we do professionally, not only for ourselves but also for the public’s […]

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The Pandemic and Christmas Marketing

Published: December/12/2020

Courtesy of COVID-19, Christmas ’20: Creating … Marcia Mogelonsky, Ph. D., is the Administrator of Insight, Food & Drink at Mintel, who has ideals on celebrating Christmas during the […]

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The Pandemic-Business Closeout for 2020!

Published: December/10/2020

Courtesy of Jeremy Rundle For entrepreneurs and small business owners, a new direction is at hand taking; we must now take completely new ways to market our services to a […]

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Covid-19 And The Economy of 2020

Published: November/24/2020

Ecommerce And Holiday Shopping Well, we are two days away from Thanksgiving (11/24/2020), and a new way of doing business and fellowshipping with friends and family is at hand. As […]

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Covid 19-And Holiday Shopping

Published: November/15/2020

With covid-19 out of control, various state-governments are imposing or suggesting that those who can work-at-home and only essential businesses should open. With over 225,000 Americans dead and no end […]

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Holiday Marketing-2020

Published: November/11/2020

Holiday marketing in covid-19 is all about digitalization. Pre-covid was slowly moving into digital transformation (since 2000), email, website, and other digital revolutions as we embark on a new digital […]

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Published: November/9/2020

Covid-19 And Sales & Marketing The pandemic has changed how we have done business in the past, and the traditional way of doing business will give way to digital transformation. […]

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Covid-19 Vs. Digital Transformation

Published: November/3/2020

Well, we are now entering into the eighth month of the pandemic, and this virus has had an economic effect on us all globally. Business closures, employees laid-off, tens of […]

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Covid-19 and Entrepreneurship

Published: October/27/2020

We Accept Risk and a Profit. When There is One! With the pandemic grabbing the entire world economically, death toll, lay-offs, and millions of unemployment benefits paid out, what is […]

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Digitalization and Holiday Shopping

Published: October/24/2020

With the holiday season upon us, covid-19 deaths over 225,000, the possibility of more business closures after recently opening back up again, what are we do for the holidays as […]

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COVID-19And Closing out of Your Business Year; 2020

Published: October/22/2020

Ready to Close 2020 With a Boost in Sales? No matter what you think about it, we have less than 90-days for the close of 2020 and into 2021. Traditionally, […]

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Corvid-19-6 Months in; What Have We Learned?

Published: October/21/2020

How Small Businesses are surviving Corvid-19 The survival of Corvid-19 for small businesses is the trajectory of what we have learned to this point. We must now put that in […]

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The Biggest Threat to The American Economy; The Coronavirus!

Published: October/20/2020

How Will This Affect Your Business? According to Catherine Thorbecke, who authored an article on the suffering of America, the Coronavirus has indicated this will be with us for years to […]

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Digital Transformation in America

Published: October/15/2020

What is Digital Transformation Digital transformation is the process of moving from a traditional business process or things involved with paper to that of internet process such as a website […]

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Covid-19 And Closeout of 2020

Published: October/12/2020

We will not see crowds like this in 2020-Why? This is the year of the Pandemic! The fourth quarter is known as the time retailers work to close out their […]

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Are you a Survivor When it Comes to Corvid-19?

Published: September/29/2020

Fox 2 News has reported that some 25% of businesses in Oakland County, one the riches Counties in Michigan, will be lost due to Corvid-19. Much of this is due […]

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The Edge Program

Published: September/17/2020

The Edge program is a winning solution for merchants The Edge program is a compatible solution that adds value and available now. The Edge Program. This program enables merchants to […]

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Ph.D. vs. DBA, do You Know The Difference?

Published: September/14/2020

Both Are Doctorates! Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Ph.D. and a DBA? Don’t worry, so do so many others. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Both […]

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