Covid-19 and Entrepreneurship

Published: October/27/2020

We Accept Risk and a Profit. When There is One! With the pandemic grabbing the entire world economically, death toll, lay-offs, and millions of unemployment benefits paid out, what is […]

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Digitalization and Holiday Shopping

Published: October/24/2020

With the holiday season upon us, covid-19 deaths over 225,000, the possibility of more business closures after recently opening back up again, what are we do for the holidays as […]

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COVID-19And Closing out of Your Business Year; 2020

Published: October/22/2020

Ready to Close 2020 With a Boost in Sales? No matter what you think about it, we have less than 90-days for the close of 2020 and into 2021. Traditionally, […]

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Corvid-19-6 Months in; What Have We Learned?

Published: October/21/2020

How Small Businesses are surviving Corvid-19 The survival of Corvid-19 for small businesses is the trajectory of what we have learned to this point. We must now put that in […]

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The Biggest Threat to The American Economy; The Coronavirus!

Published: October/20/2020

How Will This Affect Your Business? According to Catherine Thorbecke, who authored an article on the suffering of America, the Coronavirus has indicated this will be with us for years to […]

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Digital Transformation in America

Published: October/15/2020

What is Digital Transformation Digital transformation is the process of moving from a traditional business process or things involved with paper to that of internet process such as a website […]

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Covid-19 And Closeout of 2020

Published: October/12/2020

We will not see crowds like this in 2020-Why? This is the year of the Pandemic! The fourth quarter is known as the time retailers work to close out their […]

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Are you a Survivor When it Comes to Corvid-19?

Published: September/29/2020

Fox 2 News has reported that some 25% of businesses in Oakland County, one the riches Counties in Michigan, will be lost due to Corvid-19. Much of this is due […]

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The Edge Program

Published: September/17/2020

The Edge program is a winning solution for merchants The Edge program is a compatible solution that adds value and available now. The Edge Program. This program enables merchants to […]

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Ph.D. vs. DBA, do You Know The Difference?

Published: September/14/2020

Both Are Doctorates! Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Ph.D. and a DBA? Don’t worry, so do so many others. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Both […]

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Corvid-19-6 Months in; What Have We Learned?

Published: September/10/2020

How Small Businesses are surviving Corvid-19 The survival of Corvid-19 for small businesses is the trajectory of what we have learned to this point. We must now put that in […]

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There is More Empathy for a Dog Shot Than a Black Man Being Shot Seven Times!

Published: August/31/2020

Shot Down Like a Dog! You know there is more sympathy for a dog being shot than a black man shot seven times in public. If a man were to […]

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Another Black Man Shot Down When Will it All End?

Published: August/27/2020

We Have Become an Endangered Specie! I am a black man living in America, with a professional doctorate in business administration. My wife and I live in downtown Chicago, away […]

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How Long are you Going to Jack my Credit Profile Walden?

Published: August/26/2020

Tell me, why should any student trust you to do what is right? One may ask why did you wait six years to press this point of Walden University putting […]

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It’s Getting to be every time I Think About Walden University; I Get Irate!

Published: August/25/2020

I Feel Ripped-Off And Abused. It has been six years since I enrolled at Walden University. And it took them less than six months to charge me $3,797 personally and […]

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Why is Trump Meeting With Putin Before the Election?

Published: August/23/2020

Our we losing our Democracy? I am not a politician, but a businessman with a few questions. (1) why is President Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin before our November election? […]

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Why is there chaos about the USPS?

Published: August/17/2020

This independent Agency is Part of Our Constitution The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been a part of the American fabric and Constitution since 1775. The purpose of the […]

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Why did Walden University Put my Student Loan on my Credit Profile?

Published: August/16/2020

I remember the excitement of being accepted into Walden University, as I worked on my Doctorate in Business Administration. There were two candidates (1) the University of Pheonix, and (2) […]

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This is my Story

Published: August/11/2020

Courtesy of New Sermon Series – “This Is My Story … The Financial Crisis of 2008 I remember well in the summer of 2008, for I was in the mortgage […]

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Business Management,

Published: August/4/2020

And New Methodologies in Marketing in the 21st Century Entrepreneurs and small business owners must find new business models to guide them through the most significant challenge they have witnessed […]

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Now That America is Back to Work, And a New Normal, is it Sustainable?

Published: July/26/2020

Here we go Again So tell me, are you prepared to go back to work, or are you afraid? Has your employer made your workspace safe, is there social distancing […]

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Coronavirus and Business

Published: July/20/2020

So How do we Move forward in The Futur Defeating This Enemy, and Regaining Profitability? With all the chaos going around nationwide, it appears that we as business people must […]

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So, Who Got the PPP Money?

Published: July/11/2020

Did You Get Yours? Well, July 6, 2020, the Treasury Department named some 650,000 who got US small business loans. However, the problem here much of the money went to […]

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Thriving for Profitability

Published: July/8/2020

Now that America has celebrated it’s 244th birthday, amid a pandemic, social unrest in the streets, and a divided nation and an election coming up in November, where are we to go from here? With the reopening of the […]

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The Coronavirus, now what?

Published: June/30/2020

The Entire World Must Find The New Normal! No matter where one lives in the world, the topic of each day is now the Coronavirus. Here in America, we are […]

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Entrepreneurship in The 21st Century-The New Normal; is it Working For You?

Published: June/22/2020

America Under Seige-The Coronavirus In your lifetime, can you ever recall the entire United States shutting down? The White House, Capitol Hill, Professional Sports, even religious organizations have shut down. […]

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Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century-the Business Plan

Published: June/17/2020

Researchers and scholars equate the business plan as a road map for entrepreneurs to follow. Without the business plan, there is a slim to none chance of the entrepreneur obtaining […]

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Will the Restaurant Industry Make it Past the Coronavirus?

Published: April/6/2020

Courtesy of Restaurant Failure Rate Well, with the continuation of Small-Midsize Businesses (SMB) shut down and no revenue coming in, a merchant is beginning to ask the question, will […]

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America is The Riches, and innovative Country in The World!

Published: March/31/2020

With the lockdown on restaurants, churches, and other small businesses has devastated the global economy. Now the first of the month rents are due, auto, credit cards, and mortgages, so […]

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Is remote working a process of the future?

Published: March/24/2020

Courtesy of Will the work from home phenomenon be a work process of the future? However, for the savvy entrepreneur, this could read, opportunity. With the advent of the […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Entrepreneurship

Published: March/16/2020

Courtesy of Chaos or Opportunity? With the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, the entire nation is on lockdown. Restaurants, bars, schools, the NBA, and other sports shut down […]

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Common Reasons to Improve Survival of a Small Business

Published: March/9/2020

Courtesy of The Data on New Businesses Within Five years Annette B. Haag’s (2013) study argues that some 600,000 new businesses start each year in America, and some 200,000 […]

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Capital for Small Businesses

Published: March/2/2020

Courtesy of successdigesdigestonline The lack of capital can be Fatal to Small Businesses! We all know that running a small business is not for the faint of heart; I know […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part X

Published: February/26/2020

It’s All About Sales & Marketing, And Watching Expenses! Thus, this is the end of a ten-part series on “Why do Businesses Fail.” If you have been following the series, […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part IX

Published: February/17/2020

Being an entrepreneur is a continuous investment into one’s business; it never stops. With that said, there must be some systematic investment methodology, a vehicle that the entrepreneur must follow […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part VIII

Published: February/10/2020

The Failing of Closely-Held Family Businesses Being an entrepreneur for over forty years (1978-2020), one sees many things not only in their own family business but in others as well. […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part VII

Published: February/3/2020

My name is Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A., M.B.A., B.B.A., and I am an entrepreneur. Today’s blog is a continuation of a 10 part series on “Why do Business Fail?” As […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part VI

Published: January/29/2020

My name is Donald E. Mitchell, and I am an entrepreneur. I have a Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, and an MBA-Marketing and Bachelors in Marketing […]

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Why do businesses Fail? Part V

Published: January/20/2020

Today’s blog is a continuation of a 10 part series of “Why Do Businesses Fail?”. This week we shall continue with Sales & Marketing, which is the central focus of […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part IV

Published: January/13/2020

Today’s blog is part IV of a 10 part series of “Why Do Businesses Fail?”. This week we shall look at one element that is essential in the financial of […]

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Why do Businesses Fail? Part III

Published: January/6/2020

Today’s blog is part III of a 10 part series of “Why Do Businesses Fail?” Parsa, Nijite, Self, Njite, and King (2005) did a research paper on “Why Restaurants Fail.” […]

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Why Do Businesses Fail? Part II

Published: January/6/2020

Courtesy of This blog is part II of “Why Do Businesses Fail?” When Annette B. Haag, on January 1, 2013, had published “Writing a Successful Business Plan.”, some 20-years […]

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Why do Businesses Fail?

Published: December/23/2019

Thus, this is the first of a ten-part series. The writer had written his dissertation (the writer has a Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management from California […]

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Small Business Financing after the 2008 financial Crisis

Published: December/16/2019

Firstly, we want to stay uniform in the meaning of what a small business is, and this is from the Small Business Administration (SBA) definition, under 500 employees, and doing […]

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Happy Holiday’s to You And Your’s

Published: December/9/2019

Hello Entrepreneur Joy to the word and your family, friends, and your business prosperity. Moreover, the time of the year smiles are warmer, and pleasant people and customers are in […]

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Holiday Restaurant Loans for Small Business

Published: December/5/2019

Holiday Restaurant Loans for Small Business What is a restaurant loan for small business? Thus, it is a particular type of loan geared toward owners and hospitality companies. Therefore, a […]

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Published: December/2/2019

Is there a dissimilarity between an entrepreneur and a small business person? According to Merriam-Webster (2019), an entrepreneur is a risk-taker who develops a business and will make a profit […]

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Entrepreneurs vs Small Business Owner; what is the difference?

Published: December/2/2019

According to Shobhit (2019), an entrepreneur is one who starts and runs a commercial enterprise with limited resources and is responsible for the risk and rewards of the business venture. […]

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The American Dream

Published: November/17/2019

In the 21st Century Entrepreneurship and the Small Business Owner The comments of Wicks (2003) and his argument on the works of Ford Motor Company, and how Henry Ford started […]

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Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Published: October/28/2019

My name is Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, and I hold a Professional Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management.  The drive of this blog is to educate the […]

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