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The economy is excellent; consumer confidence is high, and opportunities are abundant. Now, if you are expressing strong growth but your bank is having problems keeping up with your financial needs, but we have a solution. The bridge or gap financing so you can continue with your growth plans while you work with your financial institution to get the funding that you need as an SBA loan or other business loans.

What is a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is a short term amortizing loan that supports a firm’s projects or investment that the organization expects to generate some revenue. Entrepreneurs, in their early stages, frequently see opportunities for extreme growth. Small businesses and entrepreneurs experience high pressure at the beginning to cover their operating costs to keep their doors open. Thus, the meeting of value is the entrepreneur’s primary concern. It is hard to maintain one’s business acumen when the business is running adrift. Moreover, for entrepreneurs in their star-up phase, the bridge loan is an ideal financial tool and solution for keeping the doors of opportunities open and vibrant.

As an Entrepreneur, How Can I Use a Bridge Loan?

Before one considers the purchase of a bridge loan, the entrepreneur must understand this loan type intended for investment objectives, which expected to generate a considerable return. Hence, this is a short-term financial instrument as with most amortizing loans, the initial payments are mostly consisting of interest, and the following fees will go toward the principal. One must consider their business for short and long-term business growth. The entrepreneur must find seasonal fluctuation and other sources of conventional financing before applying for a bridge loan. The business organization considered asking the following questions:

  • Are my financial obstacles related to an inability to take advantage of one’s present growth or investment opportunities?
  • Does the firm’s strategic plan have some investment opportunities built-in?
  • What is the firm’s short-term financial outlook?

Firms without bridge loans could be operationally sound; however, they lack the working capital to acquire new assets or other growth drivers. The organization may also face the decision to draw down on current cash-flow while waiting for convention financing approval. Thus, missing opportunities to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Is a Bridge Loan The Right Financial Product for my Business?

Entrepreneurs want their business organization to be up and running before any conventional financing is, approved to start making money from the concern. A bridge loan is a financial instrument that makes this happens during this waiting period. This process allows the owner to avoid dividing up the interests in the business with a new partner and the loss of losing profits and the control of critical business decisions. A bridge loan put fixability and power in the hands of the owner. A bridge loan will function as a line of credit with access to five loan drafts over six months which means one can take as little or as much of their loan approval as one wants.

Thus, the business will gain immediate security it needs up front and not the sacrifice of growth and profit down the line.

Applying For a Bridge Loan

Now, if you are a small business seeking a bridge loan with guaranteed rates with fixed terms and affordable payments, simply file out the form below and we will get back with you within the hour of submittal. We pride ourselves in being nimble and followup quickly. Our business hours are from 9 am-9 pm daily and 9 am-5 pm on Saturdays; NO SUNDAYS.

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