Covid-19, And The Delta Variant in Small Business Operations

Published: August 16, 2021

The Delta Variant Of The Coronavirus Is …

Edward Segal wrote in Forbes the different business issues and changes entrepreneurs must go through dealing with covid-19 variant from the lack of workers to that of uncertainty on how to best deal with cancelation, supply chain interruptions, to workers who are not vaccinated and refusing to do so for themselves or the public at large. We as entrepreneurs are used to uncertainty; however, this public health issue weighing on entrepreneurs in different industries has most of us scratching our heads on how to handle this situation and make a profit. This new strain is more infectious than its predecessor, which also attacks children and young adults.

Hence, some businesses are asking for proof of vaccination before entering the premises for service. People are more frightened of this virus because of the lifelong effects on the body, and long-term recurring illnesses could affect one eligibility for insurance in the future and quality of life in general. Imagine this illness alleviated with a vaccine shot; now you have issues concerning your lungs and breathing for the rest of your life. The flexibility of business organizations and their workforce constantly reminds us of our new normal, but not all organizations have this luxury of working remotely.

Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses Must be More Agile

Eighteen months ago, the pandemic or the covid-19 took all of us by surprise; however, 18 months in, we had to learn how to adapt and become more agile in our business communication and processes or were doomed to failure. Having a better intellect in our customer’s insight into what they wanted from a marketing standpoint and how to deliver that want safely was a challenge we all in business had to undertake. More customers no longer wanted close contact with others they did not know. Thus, the creativity of delivering products and services comfortably to this base was a top issue and priority for all businesses especially, small business owners who had smaller budgets.

The CDC suggestion on wearing a mask by the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike can be controversial to some who claim their right not to wear for whatever reason they have deeded toward the safety of others, including their children and others they love. Consequently, this selfishness has caused this variant to mutate and stay longer than necessary. Due to the lack of willingness to mask up for the communal safety of all. Hence retailers must make hard decisions to protect their employees and customers alike and have the ability to turn people away who are not complying with company rules and regulations.

Over the last year, eCommerce has surged in the way consumers are willing to purchase goods and services. This way of doing business will continue into the near future, as the community seeks ways to stay safe and not spread this virus to other loved ones through being in areas that are highly populated and not knowing who is vaccinated or not. However, not all sectors have this type of luxury as eCommerce, such as the teaching profession they must be up close and personal with their audience.

Small businesses must also focus on supply chain issues of getting needed inventory on their shelves to sell. The shortages of workers who no longer feel safe with this need variant affect more people quicker, and touching those who are not vaccinated and children now. The supply chain issue brings in inflation with the boosting of prices to offset the lack of sales from last year to make up the difference this year will continue.

How Businesses are Affected by the Delta Variant

Three writers (Theo Francis, Gwynn Guilfor , and Inti Pacheco

Aug. 15, 2021, 1:58 pm ET) authored a piece in the Wall Street Journal about how businesses are affected by the delta variant and how business life was getting back to some form of normalcy before it, and now the economy has changed and the attitude of the business world too. It is still unclear if this new variant will stifle the economy or consumers will ignore it and continue the economic growth of the spring and summer of 2021. All businesses are affected in one area or another by this pandemic and must rethink how it will deal with commerce in a post-pandemic world.

Hence from the larger organization to small businesses, the issue is still the same; the only difference large organizations have a larger budget and more personnel than their smaller counterparts. As more organizations slow down the return to the office complex and the continuation of working from afar, this, on the one hand, saves the organizations money and can think in terms of the future of permanency of remote working and smaller facilities. The epidemic has brought about a new way of working and delivering products and services to its customers, now and in the near future.

The CDC has changed how the vaccinated and unvaccinated how they can intermingle in public with one another. In all buildings and even outside people must now wear masks to stop or slow down the variant. The travel industries are affected again, though the covid-19 crisis had ended, and normalcy was on its way back, at least some form of normalcy. The traffic at grocer stores, gas stations, gyms, restaurants, and retail establishments had all began to rebound with the vaccinations of the public to now the resurgence because of the new mutant variant has taken us all by surprise. Thus, it has wiped out earlier gains from a perceived comeback to prosperity.

Statistics has slowed on the amount of trips people take away from their home in a ten-minute interval, was down, people began to stay home more again rather than venture out. As the office complexes began to reopen, this also began to reverse as fewer people were coming into the office environment again, and remote working restarted. So consumers and businesses alike are taking a wait-and-see attitude on how this new variant will play itself out; either way, there is a more recent variant of the delta variant on the rise as it mutates again. The question here are we better prepared for this new strain as we prepare to get back on track with continuous commerce?

About the author:

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 Based on several articles that have been published and cited through this article by the author. The authors’ beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview and experience in the issues and practices mentioned.

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