Covid-19 Pandemic And Sales Management

Published: October 20, 2021


Before we get involved with today’s blog, let’s get on the same understanding of what is sales and sales management. According to David Jobber, Geoffrey Lancaster, and Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh in their eleventh edition textbook entitled “Selling and Sales Management.” Published by Pearson Education Limited in 2019. Thus, they begin with selling, and sales management is not the same thing. The function of sales has changed over the years to bring the discipline of marketing, whereas sales is a part of this function. And the objective of sales, simply put, is to close a deal.

Wheres, sales management is the management of the entire sales process in a 360-degree concept from the sales personnel to the overall goals and budget for the organization. But boosting sales in the pandemic has proved challenging for most organizations, not all, but most. So, what is a small business to do in the fourth quarter to end 2021 with a bang?

The Reassessing of Business Strategies

Aileen Ott of Greenbox Capital did an article on some strategies small businesses could use during covid-19, and these can be differently used during the holiday season and to close out the year of 2021. Aileen works as director of marketing at Greenbox Capital and has extensive knowledge in alternative small business lending. Here are some of the picks suggested for small businesses to use to boost sales.

  • Small businesses should focus on their existing customers because it will cost five times to acquire a new customer over-servicing the one you currently have. As covid-19 continues to wreak havoc throughout, one should not lose focus on existing customers. Show them you care about them, reward them with something unique and pleasing. Upsell, cross-sell, and meet them where they are on social media.
  • Your website; the business website is one the most important marketing strategies a company can have. Since most consumers will research organizations before they do business with them, they should have a website to let the public know what they do.
  • Email Marketing; is essential in today’s business environment. It is a fantastic way to keep up or in touch with existing and potential customers alike. Staying connected with your audience while in this pandemic is easily done with email.
  • Blog; blogging is an excellent way to communicate with your target audience. Now you may not be able to speak to them in person, but blogging is a way to consistently communicate to the target audience. Thus, it is also a way to share your philosophy with others, and in time, it could win them over to your way of thought and make a long-term customer.

The US Chamber of Commerce Dan Casarella chimed in with some ideas to increase sales in small businesses during covid-19, using technology to boost sales. Leveraging what we have learned during these 18 months of shutdown due to social distancing and wearing a mask has slowed most businesses from prosperity and some to closure. Due to technology, we have learned how to work remotely, which could not be done without technology-the internet.

Organizations that use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, especially small businesses, can better track prospects, customers and analyze data more efficiently. The company can store information on its customers, prospects, or any new business development ideas. The tracking of customer information is essential for the growth of the small business. The more information a company knows about its customer or target market, the better they can promote or cater to that industry; data can be used to develop strategies on how to grow the business.

The Reassessing of Business Models

Michael G. Jacobides and Martin Reeves, in their article posted in the Harvard Business Review,  proposed that 14% of larger organizations increased their sales revenue of the last four economic downturns in the US. Consequently, it is due to savvy business leaders looking at a crisis through the lens of short-term or long-term change and a business remodeling. For example, when the 2003 SARS outbreak was known globally, a structural shift to e-commerce leveraged the rise of Alibaba and other digital firms to prosperity. The like is true here in the US. E-commerce is not a new digital medium of exchange; however, the covid-19 pandemic has risen the use of this financial process of merchants getting paid for their goods and services. And, this method of payment has made a significant rise in its usage, but more firms are using this type of payment or the use of checks to eliminate payment structures and eliminate or reduce invoicing.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses should also focus on current trends and future new business opportunities as their larger counterparts. Opportunities are born in the time of crisis; nevertheless, the savvy entrepreneurs should continue research and seek common denominators of current trends in how they adapt this in being or developing a disruptive newer model of what they are currently doing to bring a sustainable value to its customers. Hence, developing partnerships with others who share the same philosophy and doing niche work to focus on an area not currently met by one’s competitors and fill this gap.

Therefore, it is not the time for entrepreneurs to stop investing but to find promising markets that would coincide with the current crisis we are currently in, namely the covid-19 pandemic—namely, remote work. Some would disagree that we are in the post-covid 19 pandemic, while others say we are still in the first stages of a covid-19 pandemic and will not move to the second phase of post-covid 19 until we have handled whats described as the herd immunity for our various communities and countries alike. So, for the near, and to some extent, the future will still insist on social distancing to some degree, the wearing of masks, and the suggestion that all citizens get vaccinated. So, where do that leave entrepreneur and the business community?


Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and  Covid-19, and sales management is an interwoven thread of business management that must be understood and practiced in the current and future application of business management and methodology to stay relevant in today’s business ecosystem and climate. Entrepreneurs and small businesses alike must remain nimble, innovative, and continue to invest in technology, and remain ever mindful of today’s current trends as plans set in motion for profitability of the present and the future. The covid-19 pandemic will be with us for some time into the future, how long; only God knows.

However, what is known is that the future is uncertain. Thus, we seem to have an issue that appears to be political in nature of why some people choose not to vaccinate? I remember when polio ran rampant here in the US., a vaccine was found, and people were informed that it would eliminate polio if the vaccination were taken. We did not have individuals or groups as we have today contesting the truth of this claim of eradication of this polio; people lined up took the vaccination, and polio is in the rearview mirror to speak. So why is the outcry today different?

I am interested in the readership making their comments on this blog to better handle this current situation and crisis with the covid-19 pandemic. And a response will follow. As a small business consultant who specializes in entrepreneurial boosing of revenue through sales and marketing, if your organization have problems with the solution of finding ways to be profitable, enclosed is my calendar and simply schedule your free consultation in this matter to see if we can be of service with a solution to your business issue.

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About the author:

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell holds a doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management works as a Small Business Consultant specializing in management software, digital transformation, digital marketing, e-commerce, website development, and alternative financing. He has offices in Southfield, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois. His primary focus is on small business growth and solutions for growth through sales and digital marketing.


The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview, experience, and academic study, and research in the issues and practices mentioned in entrepreneurship and business management.

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