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Published: October 28, 2019

My name is Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, and I hold a Professional Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management.  The drive of this blog is to educate the small business community in best practices, peer-reviewed articles of other scholars in the above subject matter shared with this audience. Although the author/blogger has his world views, the object is to share ideas to operate, grow, and transfer one’s business entity to others and retire if one wishes. One of the main reasons for two-thirds of businesses that fail is due to not developing a business plan. Thus without a business plan is hard for most entrepreneurs to get the needed financing they need to grow there business.

This blog is an introduction to what is to be delivered on each Monday of each week starting Monday, November 11th, 2019. Its maiden voyage blog will be on Working Capital in how this agency can assist you the entrepreneur raise this capital for your business without collateral, and no business plan based on your sales volume, and is not a cash advance program that is tied to one’s credit card volumes, and is tax-deductible due to it is a loan from a bank. Entrepreneurs need to be able to obtain working capital, for business growth, to purchase inventory, hire new workers and contribute to our excellent American Economy and, without it, will fail or find it hard to grow.  With our loan calculator, we can give you an idea of how much capital your company can qualify. We can have an answer within 24 hours, and funding can take place in a little as 3-days. There is never any upfront money needed for us to process your paperwork; we are paid by our principal/partner.

Why a Working Capital Loan?

With the holiday seasons a pound us, entrepreneurs-restauranters look to close down their business year strong.  Nevertheless, the merchant may need more capital to purchase inventory, catering opportunities, equipment financing-purchasing, or any other reason to obtain additional money to increase the revenue of the business.

Qualifying for the loan

Five years plus in business, a minimum FICO score of 551, no current bankruptcies, current on your mortgage/rent on both personal and commercial place of business. Entrepreneurs must have a business checking or savings account and annual sales of a minimum of $500,000. The loan terms are from 12-36 months and are tax-deductible. Through supplying some necessary information into our loan calculator we can come up with an ample amount on what you qualify for; of course, other underwriting requirements from the underwriter will apply.

Entrepreneur and Business Management Experts

Each week on a Monday morning, starting November 18, 2019, with fresh insights about business,  entrepreneurship, marketing, and management will be shared with the audience from operational, growth, expansion to transferring the business to another, and retiring.  So sign-up to our blog and get inlighted weekly on different issues that will grow your business. And we welcome your replies as well. Sign-up now and lest stay informed from an en expert in entrepreneurship with forty years practicing in marketing, management and operating a small business.

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