Entrepreneurship: Covid-19 And The Delta Variant is it More Deadly?

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Theresa Waldrop of CNN wrote an article Updated 6:25 PM ET, Wed July 21, 2021, on the new Delta variant spreading here in America. There has been a rise of coronavirus cases globally, and health experts view it as the Delta variant. The World Health Organization asserts that the Delta variant spreads 55% faster than the first detected alpha strain found in the United Kingdom. The Delta variation is the 2020 version of Covid-19 on steroids, says Andy Slavitt, the senior advisor to President Biden Covid Repospnse team.

The question is, why is this variant spreading so quickly? The answer, the WHO states that due to the hesitancy of people to vaccinate, 83% of the new coronavirus cases are those who have not been vaccinated. This new strain started in India in December 2020. Now, this dominant variant overwhelmed that countries health care system, and later it was identified in the United Kingdom after that.

According to the CDC, all 50 US states now have this dominant strain within their borders, and the first case showed up in March 2020; as of July 21, 2021, this strain makes up 83% of all US cases. This surge is due to mainly unvaccinated people, and the daily new cases as the week of July 24, 2021, is up 55% over that of last week, and incidents are rising. John Hopkins University has stated that hospitalization is up 52% in the past 14 days.For The Second Time, This Virus

Could Have Been Prevented

Courtesy of Intelligencer: Nurses check on a patient in the COVID ICU at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, on Wednesday. Photo: Paul Bersebach/MediaNews Group via Getty Images

In his commentary in The Intelligencer, David Wallace-Wells speaks about how covid-19 adapted and mutated into the new covid variant and how it is different from its predecessor covid-19. The first time this happened was in 2020 when the data showed this virus was in China, then moved to Europe, and was downplayed here in the US as nothing more than the flu. Then the deaths began to pile up, pitted against wars that we have fought in the past. At the same time, the pandemic had killed more than any war the US had been involved in.

500,000 Americans dead under the Trump administration was the first wave of preventable death in the war against this invisible enemy. If the Trump administration had leveled with the public rather than selling it lies and dealt with this issue then, we possibly would not have so many people split on what to believe. This unbelieving then carried over into people not wanting to get vaccinated, which lead to many deaths, and now primarily Republicans still don’t think there is a severe issue at hand with this new strain.

But this new strain is more deadly and moves quicker than its prior predecessor, covid-19. This new strain is more focused on the unvaccinated population, who are younger and feel invincible and not sold on the harm of this virus and can be preventable if vaccinated. Much misinformation is circulating in the various channels of social media and political underlining; this is all a farse, not genuine, and promoted by the republicans rather than listening to science.

This writer is aged enough to remember in the 60s when polio was rampant in our communities in the US. Thus, informed by science that if we got vaccinated, polio would be eradicated. No one questioned the scientist, we got vaccinated, and polio was eliminated. Nevertheless, if we could have that type of mentality today, this virus would not have such a grip on the world as it does. But this virus was political and not that of science.

Here is the caveat, we have too many young people who have bought into a lie that has been perpetrated by others that are putting 35-year-old people at risk. Whereas perfectly healthy people are winding up in the hospital and teetering on death when that needn’t happen. Hence, covid could have been prevented with the truth, and the acknowledgment of science we could be in a better place.

Covid-19: And The Application to Business

Matt Craven, in his article on what should we do to relinquish the pandemic for as long as we have this virus in our society, we are slaves to its presence. The inoculation of people worldwide is essential, for if we don’t meet this challenge as we have found since 2020, not only are their lives on the line, but society has taken a closer look at their careers in how they go about earning a living. Many of the 500,000 deaths were due to people who could not work at home, as those who had a college degree could.

Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder argues in the US News that we have over 600,000 death as of June 15, 2021, due to covid, and we are not over or finish with this disease in our lives. As such, does the business community have a role in how it works to mitigate this virus? What of the geopolitical risks and the coping of inflation and volatility in the workplace and society? The government can not handle this on its own; it requires a partnership attitude among entrepreneurs, leaders in various industries, religious organizations, the entire spectrum of society working together and focus and deal with this invisible enemy; the key here is the acceptance of being vaccinated to protect self, and others.

June 2021, more organizations began to reopen their doors, and the resemblance of going back to normal attempted to, but the question is, did we reopen too soon, have we done or doing what is needed to keep this virus at bay? As we are winding down to the close of the end of July 2021, we have issues of a resurgence of people getting sick, and scientists say the majority of the people getting sick are unvaccinated. More and more people are hesitant to take jobs in the workplace as the new term implies “essential workers,” these are the people on the frontline dealing on a one-to-one with people not aware who has been vaccinated or not.

The one-on-one contact that we have become accustomed to in the past is threatened in the future. And new forms of communication have emerged without physically encountering one another or the lessening of this through digitization. The manualization of the new workforce is challenged with new ways of doing the same thing through automation and the use of technologies. No one wants to die for a dollar, so new skillsets achieved is the answer for a new global worker.

Concluding Remarks

Entrepreneurship has always been a risky endeavor and way of life for entrepreneurs; the constant investment in an idea until it pays off requires patience, and learning to constantly adapt, learn from our failures, and transcend them into success, is indeed a challenge within its self. The global pandemic has challenged us all with a new way of doing business, be it personally or professionally. For example, the way that merchandise is purchased today is through e-commerce, don’t believe me; think about why Jeff Bezos is one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Amazon has made its fortune through an online business model to purchase all types of merchandise and have them transported to your front door without one coming into contact with others. The delivery of merchandise at times can be the same day, hours after an order is transmitted to the company. This separation of human contact is known today arguably as e-commerce, using digital tools as smartphones and other computer-like devices.

Digitalization is not a new phenomenon; it started being more prevalent in the dawn of the 21st century; it just the pandemic created the perfect marketing evolving systems that ushered in a new way of reaching people continuously without human contact. Digital Marketing has moved in the forefront of how one does business today over the traditional course of human connection. The actual question for entrepreneurs today is, will you move to digitalization or remain traditional?

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