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You Can Borrow Now, Grow Your Business Now & Pay Later

Are you looking t renovate your place of business? Planning to purchase new equipment, or add an outdoor patio? Or maybe you’re considering opening another location or what about buying an existing franchise? Thus, the flex-pay loan is the perfect financial instrument to fund these projects. One of the best parts of this sequencer is the maximization of your cash-flow while obtaining the capital you need in your business today.

Payless when it Matters

One can defer up to 50% of the loan proceeds into the future for a more affordable payment stream today and have the flexibility to repay it at a time when it is more beneficial to the organization.

Pay Weekly not Daily

Budgetary confidentiality increase one’s cash-flow balances and the avoidance of surprises with that of low fixed weekly payments that are not tied to one’s credit card transactions. Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) are expensive financial instruments that can be, paid daily. Thus, making it hard for budgetary restrains due to not knowing when the organization’s cash-flow is going to dissipate or how much which can be budgeted can be a budgeter nightmare.

Paying on Your Terms

Hence, the flexible repayment options allow the entrepreneur to amortize the deferred principal over time and can be, rolled into the future or the simplicity of refinancing. You will get a one-on-one financial consultant that will work with you on the various loan programs and to have this not to be a pain point on your financial discover and usage.

Benefits of The Flex Pay Program

The Flex Pay program gives the small business person the ability to defer up to 50% principal payment now, which means the entrepreneur will lower payments currently releasing needed cash-flow that can be used in the business now. Thus, this flexibility keeps you the merchant in control and can provide you with the lowest amount cost of money while maximizing cash-flow alternatives. One can secure the high ROI growth ratios now and defer the repayment of the financial transaction, which are flexible at another time in the future with a lower amount. Thus, the purpose of flex pay is the providing of a financial instrument that makes sense a secure lower payment and greater workable cash-flow for the business.

FlexPlay Advantages

  • 24-hour access to one’s renewable lines of credit.
  • Defer up to 50% of the principle of the loan, which encourages a lower monthly payment.
  • The loan amount is available up to $750,000.00 without tax returns.
  • No collateral needed to secure a loan.
  • We can provide you approval within 24-hours.
  • $3,000.00 Amex gift card for a limited time to all new clients.

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