Happy Belated Thanksgiving

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The Spirit of Being Thankful

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A., M.B.A., B.B.A., here, and 2021 is what I would call a rebound year from 2019-2020. Do you remember when covid announced, our government here in the U.S. in March 2020 and globally was all forced to shut down? Then here in the U.S., after 18-months of non-essential businesses shut down, the economy began to shift, businesses closed, restaurants and the hospitality industry was one of the hardest-hit industries, and many went out of business to never return. And Thanksgiving last year in 2020, we were informed it was a bad idea to travel, so Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year were a time of shelter-in-place.

So here we are one year later, in 2021, and the U.S., as much of the world, is trying to get back to normalcy and making up for not seeing our loved ones due to the pandemic. However, it appears that all of that shelter-in-place has driven many of us mad. Now we have drive-by shootings on the expressways or people congregating in a group shot down for no reason. It appears that by us being social creatures, we do not work well shut-off from other humans for a long time, for these problems we did not have before the pandemic.

And with all of that, there is a new variant to the covid-19 strain. Thus, from Africa, that is reported more mutable and deadlier than its predecessor. This new variant is so unique that the C.D.C. has not even given it a name yet; however, they have given it a number; B.1.1529 (Omicron). So, is this the beginning of going back to where we were in 2020 of a global shutdown?

I don’t think so; inflation has raised its ugly head, and the cost of living is more significant than before the pandemic. Businesses are beginning to take a second breath and reopen, and entrepreneurs see an opening to move away from the past status quo to a new normalcy. It is a hybrid methodology, and function-some employees are now working from home, a new way of working that may be with us for some time.

Employers have found this shift in how their employees work now; it does not impede productivity and could add money to the bottom-line due to smaller office complexes in the future. The workers have found they can save money by not paying for daycare, for they can now take on this task by working at home. And there are other perks, such as not getting up earlier to prepare for the travel and the dress required to be at work on time. The stress of travel, traffic jams, putting gas in the vehicle, and the cost of buying lunch can all be done away with due to working from home.

So, no, I don’t think we are going back to mass shutting down the economy again; we have learned how to pivot and recreate new business models that work better in this time of social distancing, wearing masks, and continued washing the hands. Before we leave this section, I would like to shout out to those who have helped me through a traumatic health issue; lung cancer. Last year the same time, I could not walk to the next room without giving out of breath.

Between my God who has extended my life, and my lovely wife Joyce, who is a nurse, who took me away from V.A. and put me in the care and those great doctors and staff at Northwest University here in Chicago who is number one in this area of science who have listened to me and made adjustments to my treatments, thank you.

Trends for 2022

Forbes panel of experts chimed in business trends for 2022. They gave 16 trends small businesses should do differently in 2022 to leverage their business and be more successful. Now I will not go through the entire list. Because there were some mentioned that have already been mentioned earlier in this blog.

So small businesses should stay diligent in closing this business year, for what is done now will trickle over to 2022.

Closing Remarks

As small businesses and merchants alike move into closing out their businesses, we all have a lot to be thankful about in the close of 2021. With all of the uncertainty of times to come, we can this year venture out and see loved ones (especially if you are vaccinated). Whereas last year we were all in a sheltered-place mood. The economy has begun to reopen back up, and new normalcy is in the works.

So cherish this time with your family and loved ones, and I wish all my readers a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

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