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Published: December 9, 2019

Looking for Unsecured Restaurant Financing; Then Look no further, you Have Found it!

Hello Entrepreneur

Joy to the word and your family, friends, and your business prosperity. Moreover, the time of the year smiles are warmer, and pleasant people and customers are in a better mode, so why not leverage this time to transcend your business? What about a working Capital Loan to upgrade your kitchen with new equipment, expanding or opening a new location, renovating or remodeling current establishment?

My name is Dr. Donald E. Mitchell; I have a Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management (D.B.A.) and have a Master of Business Administration in Marketing (M.B.A.). As one holding a professional doctorate, it is our objective as a practitioner to find, and solve business problems in the marketplace. Whereas, a Ph.D. is an academian one who is a professor, a teacher in a higher institution such as a college or university. Thus, one develops theories that should work in business (the Ph.D.), and the other is a practitioner in business principles that work to solve these issues or business problems in the real world (the D.B.A).

Entrepreneurial Partnerships

The agency works on behalf of other principals to conduct its business under contract. Thus, means you never pay us any upfront fee(s) our principal pays us-NOT YOU! As business consultants, our niche is entrepreneurs that are making sales of $500,000.00 to $2,500,000.00 annually. Our partners are not brokers but are direct lenders with their underwriting department that coordinate restaurant loan programs for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs with no collateral need, unlike other traditional banks up to $750,000.00. Loan approval within 24-hours, and funding in 3-days.

The essential qualifying criteria made simple if you can answer these four questions:

  1. 5-years in business plus.
  2. FICO 651 plus.
  3. Homeowner/Renter
  4. No Bankruptcies.

Thus, we can provide you with a general quote. However, you must talk to a licensed loan officer for a more accurate quote, which we arrange on your behalf. Now, associated with a trusted advisor at no extra cost. Who are there to help you grow your business at a time when banks are still tightening the money they loan to small business owners.

The Four Business Stages

  1. Start-up
  2. Operation(s)
  3. Growth-Expansion
  4. Retirement-Business Transfer or Sale

Our specialty is 2-4; as you can see, this is a long-time relationship and not a passive one-time proposition. Located in two states and members of the Better Business Bureau in both; Southfield, MI., and Downtown Chicago, IL.

So What is Next?

Contact us! You can communicate with us by phone, fax, email or, go to our website. Moreover, read more of what we do and the process, and send us your contact information, then we will get back with you within 24-hours. Our working hours are from Monday-Saturday over this Holiday Season from 9 AM-7 PM CST. And please go to our blog, and sign up for weekly insights of business best practices and financial inputs for your business. And we welcome your contribution and comments.

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management (DBA).

Small Business Consultant

Specializing in; Business Consulting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, & Marketing. 

860 N. DeWitt Place. # 1501

Chicago, IL. 60611

2000 Town Center

19th Floor

Southfield, MI. 48075                                                                                                                                                                                


Toll-Free: (866) 400-3040

Cell: (248) 210-9149


Fax: (888) 413-0053

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