Holiday Marketing-2020

Published: November 11, 2020

Holiday marketing in covid-19 is all about digitalization. Pre-covid was slowly moving into digital transformation (since 2000), email, website, and other digital revolutions as we embark on a new digital frontier called the MarTech. To that of covid-19, which has thrust us all into digital marketing strategies and tactics for today’s marketer and small business.

So what is MarTech? MarTech is the blending of marketing and technological innovation of the two. Remembering the common denominator that makes all this happen is the internet. Because of the pandemic, consumers are anxious about avoiding coming in close contact with others who are not family. And the answer to this tense moment is digital marketing or MarTech.

Traditionally the fourth quarter is the ending of the year and a time for merchants to make up for lost sales in the earlier part of the year. So, what is a merchant to do amid the pandemic? Pivot away from the traditional methodology into Martech. Scott Brinker coined the phrase MarTech who the author of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog.

Today’s small business must learn how to swivel from the old methods into new marketing strategies; if not learned or implemented into their business, slower growth or failure is at hand. It is implementing a website and other digital tools relevant to the 21st century for the small business person. Why, because consumers are hesitant to interact with others when this process can be done from afar through other intermediaries providing this service with no health risk.


The marketing transformation is continuously changing, and technology intertwined makes an exciting business movement in the present and the future. Watching the consumer in how they are or will conduct buying decisions this holiday season is what the merchant should focus on this holiday. The big-box stores, like Targets, Macy’s, and others, have moved more to digitalization over any other time in the past.

Marketers must be more creative in promoting their products and services and finding new ways through technology to acquire new customers and make a profit. Since the closing down of commerce (March 2020), many industries faltered and failed. Can they recreate themselves? Why not? After all, this is what we do as entrepreneurs.

So holiday marketing will be difficult this year, but this is the beginning of what’s to come in the future; the interconnecting of marketing and technology. Small businesses must move away from or blend their marketing efforts into technological events. Creativity and innovation have brought entrepreneurship to where it is today, so the challenge is what works for your business.

As of the writing of this article, there are only fifty-days left in 2020. As entrepreneurs, this is what makes us unique, the handing of issues that others view as unsurpassable, you view as opportunities. So the question is, how do you want to close out your business year? Thus, this is personal; only you can answer this question; however, are you not an entrepreneur one who strives on challenges and finds solutions to business obstacles?

So, in closing, this holiday season, stay focused on new ideas to boost your sales for the conclusion of 2020. If you find you need suggestions on how to increase your sales and close your business year, contact us; there are no upfront fees for our services. That could be capital to expand, build inventory, or just working capital. As small business consultants, our objective is to help enterprises obtain the money they need; this is the number one cause businesses fail, the lack of capital.
Dr. Donald E. Mitchell

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