Holiday Restaurant Loans for Small Business

Published: December 5, 2019

Holiday Restaurant Loans for Small Business

What is a restaurant loan for small business? Thus, it is a particular type of loan geared toward owners and hospitality companies. Therefore, a restaurant loan takes into account the unique needs of restauranteurs and hospitality companies, which includes seasonal business models, partnership structures, and timelines of funding for emergencies such as kitchen repairs, and remodeling. Hence, the restaurant programs are also used to retain equity or buy back equity from business partners or used for growth expansion, business expansion and can be used for bridge financing until one’s traditional funding completed.

Who we are

My name is Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, and I have a Professional Doctorate of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Also, an MBA in Marketing. As a marketing agency, we contract with other entrepreneurs that have an entrepreneur focus for entrepreneurs that have unique programs for this group. For over 40-years, we have worked in the financial arena, insurance, merchant services, mortgages, and as a real estate investor. One reason why entrepreneurs fail is due to a lack of capital for their business.

Consequently, through our partnership with other entrepreneurs who provide these financial services, we work more as a broker bringing our partner and the restaurateur and hospitality companies together to consummate the deal. So, you, the restauranteur, never pay our fees or any upfront money for the service rendered, are paid by our partners. Loan programs are in the form of working capital loans, lines of credit, bridge loans.

Why a Restaurant Loan

Restauranters need financing for a variety of projects, such as equipment financing, inventory funding, renovation of buildings, the expansion of the restaurant, the upgrade of computer systems, canceling an outstanding debt, buying out business partners, acquiring liquor licenses, or other licenses. Thus, franchise fee payments, signage, the adding of catering services, restructuring menu and bar operations, advertising and marketing for the business, or even buying a new restaurant, as you can see, the list can go on. These are just some of the recurrent reasons why restauranteurs need capital for their businesses. Hence another caveat, no collateral required, rates are low, flexible terms, fixed payments. Loan programs not tied to your credit card receipts, so this is not a cash advance program, and all fees are tax-deductible.

 Restaurant Loan Vs. a Merchant Cash Advance

What is a cash advance is a form of factoring, whereas a financial service organization buys firms future credit card sales at a discount, where daily credit card receipts discounted at an agreed amount that must be, paid back. However, the problem is the more money the merchant makes, the quicker the financial institution gets paid back; thus, floating the cost of funds to the business ominously. Restauranteurs, like many small business owners, are being offered cash advances as a way of raising capital; however, your payback can change weekly, or even daily. Thus, there is no way the merchant can budget for this cost, often it comes as a surprise to the merchant, and can have a dramatic effect on one’s business budgetary wise. The good news, a restaurant loan is a fixed payment each week until the end of the loan, no surprises, and it is tax-deductible, unlike the cash advance loan promoted by credit card companies.

However, the merchant cash advance appears to be quick and an easy option for the busy entrepreneur, but the restaurant loan can be just as fast and will save the merchant money over time rather than cost them. Thus, the restaurant loan is excellent for budgetary issues and cash-flow of the business. Restaurant loan and restaurant restructuring to financing capitalization on new commercial opportunities-when conventional banks basically will not consider the deal. So, call us and receive a quote and approval for funds.


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