Marketing and Selling in a Pandemic for Small Businesses

Marketing through a Pandemic – Tips …

As the summer is winding down and Labor Day is fastly approaching, we in the business world are beginning to realize; it is more likely than not that we must find a way to deal with this pandemic for business’ sake. The delta variant touches more people than its predecessor, and a new mutant variant is beginning to occur, whereas the customary way of doing things is further down the road than we like to admit. So from a marketing standpoint, new ways of reaching our target market are now a pound us, so what do we do now?

As an entrepreneur and marketing professional, I did some research comparing 2020 when the lockdowns occurred due to the pandemic and 17 months later (3/2020-8/2021) to where we are today; August 2021. Few industries were untouched by the pandemic and the shutdowns. And yes, some businesses thrived during this time as well. But overall, the economy shrank during this time, and all businesses alike had to find different ways to take care of their customers as they grew new ones.

One thing for certain digitalization was up, along with automation. Digitalization is merely the use of a system or a process, generally being a computer and the internet. This process allows companies to sell more of their goods and services without the use of the physical presence of another. Namely, websites and eCommerce transactions are up compared to 2020.

 And according to the Wall Street Journal, employers are rethinking the employee and employer relationships. The pandemic has caused the workplace to evolve since 2020 into a realm of a new type of employer, employee relationship. At the same time, the new focus is on the worker’s health, which transcends into the psyche that could enrich the performance of these workers to new levels of achievement that were not thought of before 2020.

The scope of business, the new partnership with its employees, and the granting of specific empowerment to make more of a dramatic impact in the workforce have brought about a new allegiance to one’s employer and vice versa. Being more socially conscientious of family and not pitting health against wealth is a new awaking in the present and the future. Thus, it brings us back to where consumers feel comfortable purchasing goods and services online through the internet.

Crisis Marketing 

Small business marketing of their products and services is essential for their survival, especially during this pandemic. 2020 has taught small businesses and marketers alike that they must do more and creatively induce marketing strategies that will attract through their buyers persona the type of customer that they wish to do business with for the long run. However, as marketers, we take our signals from prior years and adjust our current marketing strategies for the coming or current year. Or we get our inspiration or ideas from numerous sources, like through meditation or a flash thought that ran across our minds all in the course of new business development.

But the pandemic has driven fear in most people. And they don’t want to be around others due to the exposer of being infected by covid-19.  So they order merchandise online without the personalization of shopping in the manner they have in the past. In 2021, we have virtual alternatives, like Zoom, to substitute the physical human touch of meetings through technology.

  Digital Marketing is the process of using the internet, and digital technologies, such as computers, smartphones, and other media platforms, to promote products and services for consumers’ usage. In the mid-1990s, the introduction of the internet droves e-commerce, e-books, and other digital campaigns that marketers have learned to use for commerce sake Today. The websites, e-mail, and other electronic devices marketers have learned to promote business are here to stay.

Thus, in 2021 our marketing strategy has changed; the number one way firms are approaching marketing is through social media, which suggests that personalization and conversational marketing is the preferred way of communication with prospects. There are many marketing strategies; the trick is finding one that works for your firm. Hence, eCommerce is another channel to move your goods and services that are becoming more prevalent now than ever before.


The conducting of transactions electronically via the internet has been around since the 90s. And is an excellent way to move your firm’s merchandise or services that are time-efficient and improve your bottom line. As a marketer, I worked in this industry to replace paper forms with new electronic equipment that moved the transactions quicker from 30-days to two to three days. Today that same transaction can be in your bank account the next day, and in some cases, the same day after the transaction once the merchant has closed out their transactions for the day.

Although this practice can be done without a website, most e-commerce transactions are done through merchants websites. However, it is the 21st century way of having your business open 24/7 and able to serve your customer base when they want to buy, any time of the day or night, all they need is a credit/debit card, and the transaction is done, the money from the sale is deposited directly into your business account. Websites cost have come down over the years, and depending on all the bells and whistles one wants, it can be a modest cost to get started.


A website can be described as an electronic store for a merchant that is open 24/7 days a week. The luxury here is that once the site is built, the cost is stable and is cheaper than having employees servicing customers on a 24-hour basis. Websites can be changed to fit specific campaigns the organization is promoting. The modern entrepreneur or small business has or should have a website to promote its business.

With today’s technology, one can create their own website with various website development tools. However, if one is not technologically astute, this will take time. There are many moving pieces to develop a good website, and having one who is efficient in building a website could save you time and money and away from the many trial and error situations that one will find themselves in.

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 Based on several articles that have been published and cited through this article by the author. The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview and experience in the issues and practices mentioned.

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