Now That America is Back to Work, And a New Normal, is it Sustainable?

Published: July 26, 2020

Here we go Again

So tell me, are you prepared to go back to work, or are you afraid? Has your employer made your workspace safe, is there social distancing practiced at your workplace. Now let me ask you another query, what if the answer is no, what will you do? What if what you see is not comfortable to you and you feel you are risking your help for a dollar, what do you do?

 Corvid-19, social unrest, unemployment, people can’t afford to pay their rent, and we can’t even go to church to pray. This administration is pushing hard to open schools this fall around about or after labor day, are you ready to permit your child to leave? What a chaotic world we live in today, is there any relief for our minds?

So here’s a scenario for you, you go back to work, and you feel uncomfortable with your surroundings, and that you could possibly find yourself in exposure to the Corvid-19 to your health, what do you do? Now, you have put money above your health, and family too. If you reject going back to work, you can’t pick up unemployment; so says the government. So you are forced into labor that could threaten your life, but remember this, you can’t spend it from the grave, then what happens to your family?

Evictions, do You Know Anyone being Evicted?

At the writing of this blog, Capital Hill has not passed a bill that would allow relief for mortgage holders/renters for the current law expired on 7/25/2020. If help doesn’t come soon, then millions of families around the U.S. could be out in the streets! Now what? We now have families that may need to move in with relatives if they are lucky, which is now going against the social distancing that is recommended by the C.D.C.

Now, understand I am not involved in politic, but who is an entrepreneur and small business person, who believe in free enterprise, and capitalism. It is my belief with vision; the opportunity is here in the United States. But never forget hard work, and continuous education is the way out of poverty.

With that said, I believe that the government has a duty to its people,  its constituents, to help people in their time of necessity. Congress passed in May 2020 the help for those who have suffered the most from the Pandemic forced to stay at home order by the current administration. Nevertheless, due to its inability to act when it was early, and now this virus is out of hand. The results of the early denial, and now the decision to shut down the United States, and the reopening of the same prematurely is having a devastating effect on the American economy.

So, let us see how our government, in the next week or two, either hold us with help or let us down with no support, and let millions of people go to the streets. Can the Republicans and Democrats come together and pass a bill that will help the people that are most affected by Corvid-19? We will know no later than the first weeks in August 2020!

Final Words

Now, as of this Sunday, the moralization of Congressman John L. Lewis, the social unrest is continuing, and the possibility of people put out of their homes, can we the people overcome? Stay tuned, and watch this space, for I will continue to followup on the turmoil of today. I would encourage you to read my blogs, and please let me know what your thoughts are.

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A.

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