Ph.D. vs. DBA, do You Know The Difference?

Published: September 14, 2020

Both Are Doctorates!

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Ph.D. and a DBA? Don’t worry, so do so many others.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Both degrees are research degrees; whereas, the Ph.D. is more of an academic degree for those who want to be a professor at a university and teach. And the rule of thumb is to develop a career in social science, and then late eventually become a full-time professor at business school. Thus, the Ph.D. goal is that of being an academic and doing research. These individuals come through the universities up to graduate school at the same university and start their Ph.D. program after graduation. They often have no work experience, and they are in their early 20s.

They are also involved with publishing theoretical papers. Now when one speaks of theory, you are talking about the way things could be over that of how they essentially are. Consequently, it comes from researching others who have written about a particular subject and thorough research of others peer-reviewed articles they conceive their book(s).

The Doctor Business Administration (DBA)

In contrast, those who do the various DBA programs are already in business, and this is their next logical step after receiver their MBA. These DBA holders look to distinguish themselves from others who have MBAs by doing a doctorate program. At the same time, these are practitioners in business, and now their interest is in research, which they may have a particular research question in mind. This research question handled in their dissertation shared with their various companies to which can benefit the companies for whom they work.

As A Result, the holder of DBAs is generally older who has many years of experience in some business function, like management, marketing, or as being an entrepreneur. So, this degree acts more as an illustration of being an expert in their area of expertise. These practitioners have the same opportunity counter parts-PhD; however, from an academic standpoint, they may teach as guest professors or adjunct faculty on occasions and publish in academic journals. And using the title of a doctor can open doors for them in their company and elsewhere.

Nevertheless, the Ph.D. is an older degree and is recognized internationally. At the same time, the DBA is a relativity newer degree and recognized in the United States. As both of the degrees are equal, one is older and recognized around the world, whereas the other is newer and only at this time identified in the United States, so pick wisely, which is best for your career.

Donald E. Mitchell, Dr. D.B.A.

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