Places you can get covid, and possibly never thought about

Published: November 15, 2021

Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus and …

Well, it is that dreadful time that medical professionals talked about, the winter months when people must congregate together more due to the severe weather. Vaccines are out, but people, for whatever reason, about a third of the population flat out refuse to get the vaccination shots; why is that? Why are public health issues conversational and political? I have stated this beforehand in other blogs; Baby Boomers did not have this issue with the Polio health crisis, the CDC informed the public that the vaccination would cure the disease. And we lined up to take the shots with little if any mumbling about the issues we have today, and polio was solved.

So why is the mentality of this generation so different from the past? Why are so many eager not to follow science? Why are so many politicians ignoring science but following political lines on these issues and encouraging their constituents to do the same? Now I understand this is a country of free thought, and one can think for themselves, but why are so many people ignoring what the scientist is saying? Do they think they know better than these professionals who, for the most part, do not have a political agenda?

Thus, The United States of America, one of the most industrialized countries globally, leads the world in deaths in this pandemic, even over those third-world countries, who have less death than we. Why have so many Americans sacrificed for this cause and lied to by the very people who themselves, when found they had the disease, get vaccinated with a unique concoction that not everyone is privy to have administered. Too much lousy information given out that appear to have a political undertone.

Have You Ever Thought Where You Could Catch Covid?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN reveals 5-places where covid-19 is more prevalent than other places, and it would surprise some of you where they are. Then there is another report that classifies 35-places where one can come into contact with this disease, and it is an eye-popping, eye-opener, which many of us patronize daily, if not weekly. Let’s dive into some of these 35 places and see together which ones do you patronize weekly?

As Thanksgiving approaches, then Christmas, and New Year, these are some of the places that most of us will attend, especially after a year and a half of being couped up in a sheltered environment imposed by our favorite government. As excited as most everyone is of not being couped up, now is not the time to let your guards down.

  1. State Parks: yes, I know your first thought is this is outside. However, the crowding of people and certain places within these parks create a hazard, such as restrooms and other common areas.
  2. Gas Stations: yep, here is another one, outside. But think about how many people have touched the pump before you that day. Use sanitizers after using, and don’t touch your face until you have washed your hands thoroughly.
  3. Grocery Stores: continue to wear your mask, social distancing, avoid people you don’t know who are talking, laughing, and crowded situations.
  4. Taking a walk: outside in the elements should be safe, but one must still avoid places of congestion. Avoid tight spaces where people can sneeze, cough which can produce droplets that could infect you with the virus.
  5. Hiking: outdoors again, the risk is low provided you stay away from crowded conditions, as stated before. Wear your masks, and practice social distancing and adhere to your state’s safe practices.
  6. Hotels: Check with the front hotel desk on the protocol of sanitizing the room. But police the space for yourself using alcohol wipes in the common areas like the bathroom sink and toilet.
  7. Playgrounds: guarding our most precious treasures, our children, are always a top priority for them and our families. Dependent on where you live and how crowded it is, continue to use the safe practices mentioned.
  8. Farmers Markets: even though these events are generally outside, it depends on your state’s protocol. Do they serve people without masks? Does the food handler wear masks and practice safe distancing?
  9. Traveling Downtown: downtown areas are generally always crowded, no matter where you live. So the best remedy here is to wear your masks, keep socially distancing from others, and use sanitizers as much as possible and wash your hands.
  10. Museums: Each location around the country is different; however, most do require its patrons to wear masks, use social distancing techniques, and some not total capacity of guests or visitors at one time in the site is permitted.
  11.  Doctors offices/clinics: both environments, you have people and crowded facilities. Hence, you are at a place of sickness, so the covid-19 protocol is enforced and highly recommended.
  12. Libraries: with today’s technology, one can go online and choose the books they want and then pick them up at their curbside delivery process. Lingering is not an acceptable practice now. However, in the past an excellent place to meet and greet one another.
  13. Indoor Bridal or Baby Showers: No one wants to miss a family event, but professionals say it is 19-times more likely to catch the virus inside as opposed to outside.
  14.  Retail Shopping: with the holiday season a pound us, and after an 18-month shutdown, it is normal for us all to try to get some normalcy back in our lives, and this is the season for it. The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are a gala time for family and visiting loved ones. Nevertheless, this is not the time to let your guards down. Continue social distancing and other protocols on this virus for health sake this holiday season.
  15. Hosting holiday dinners/cookouts: now, this here is one that we all have to watch, visiting with family and friends this holiday season. The lesser the group of people you know who are not infected or have practiced the health protocols is more advisable over large gatherings.

Hence, this is not the exclusive list of the 35-places one can catch this virus, but it is enough to get one to think about how to celebrate this year’s festivities with our loved ones safely. Thus, for the complete list of the 35-places, covid-19, that you click here to see the rest.

Concluding Remarks

This year after the forced shutdown of 2020, everyone is eager to hit the road and see loved ones they could not see the year before. But by all means, stay mindful of not forgetting the CDC protocol of preventing and spreading covid-19. Hopefully, this blog will heighten our awareness of staying safe and practicing and gathering safely with our families and loved ones.

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