Selling your Products, Services in The Pandemic and Being Profitable

Published: October 11, 2021

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Mile Glover gave an exceptional depiction of sales during the pandemic and covid-19. Merchants in all industries have indeed had to change how they market and sell their goods and services. In this area of the pandemic-covid-19, when companies are having a hard time surviving due to a decrease in sales, one must think of creative ways to get their message across to prospective customers.

However, on the other side of the coinage, not all enterprises are suffering from the lack of sales, and it’s due to being creative and having unique marketing programs, and people are still buying online. So why not focus on turning your marketing efforts to online selling? This industry has had a significant uptick since the pandemic and could continue long after into the post-; pandemic era as well.

So here are a few marketing ideas that have been found through research in what some are doing to maintain a profitable enterprise in this time of uncertainty, and I hope it will help your business if it is suffering from a lack of sales. Moreover, if you are fortunate to be striving during this pandemic. So, share some of that wisdom with the readers in the comment section of this blog.

  • Trust your database; any online marketer knows the value of leaning on their database of contacts, email addresses, social media connections. This data, if used correctly, could turn out to be a gold mine if focused and directed to the needs of a captive audience, and you are catering to their needs. Thus, it is time to ramp up connections with this group, especially if your sales are anemic. Send out unique pined pointe emailers that will benefit the receiver in keeping your brand in the minds of your prospects or customers.
  • Introduce, and market a new product; you can’t seem to find an angle for your current product, service line to serve the current situation, then maybe changing your product line is in order. Consequently may be harder than one thinks, to change a favorite product, service to something new can be a formidable task, but in the end, it can benefit your prospects or customers and profits to your coffers. Nevertheless, ensure that the latest product and service align with your brand image, business strategy, and methodology.
  • Provide subscriptions; this could be a great way to solidify your sales with predetermined sales monthly. However, some products are more suitable to this marketing method than others, like consumable goods, followed by excellent customer service or an after-sale service plan.
  • Adding extra sales channels; now is the time to switch it up. Over the two decades, technology has changed, and sales and marketing have evolved immensely since that time. Social media and websites are now affordable to those who want one, and other non-traditional marketing methods have proven to work for small businesses just as well as their larger counterparts. Through research, one can find other sources to promote and market their business that can be unique to your audience; with a good offer and pinning on the pain point of your chosen audience can prove rewarding in time.

Smart Selling During the Pandemic

On a worldwide scope, sales professionals and other business practitioners are finding it challenging to sell face-to-face the way they have been used to in the past. Thus, the meetings and other professionals have not returned to the office setting as in the past. And the business community and consumers remain on high alert due to the pandemic. Professionals are now working remotely and away from the office and at their homes.

Hence, a different dynamics have evolved in the business community; the question is will it be permanent in the post-pandemic era? Karen Kimerer depicts the new work environment of professionals in the US and worldwide: fewer professionals showing up at the office and more work from home. The meetings are now done from a teleconferencing prospect over face-to-face interactions between professionals as in the past. They work the phone more, send more emails, and use other methods of communication over what they have become accustomed to in the past.

Moreover, this is the time for professionals to be more empathetic to their prospects and customers alike. Understanding many are in a survival mode, and they themselves are trying to figure this new reality out so they can continue business as before the pandemic. Professionals must be more of a solution solver than ever before; this will show their worth to their clientele and be on the shortlist to maintain after the pandemic moves into the post-pandemic.

Find New Ways to LeverageYour Sales Platforms, Channels

March 11, 2020, began the 18-month economic shutdown from the pandemic, covid-19 medical crisis in America, ending in September 2021. September gave a pause, and a breath of optimism, hope in rebounding and getting back to the economy of a pre-covid 19 and a return to normalcy, but is that reality? Obviously, we are not back to normalcy or back to business as usual, and this may be for some time, and no one knows when this time will return.


The consensus was that in September 2021, we would gradually begin to return to our past normalcy, the return to our various workstations, places of businesses, and the like that builds our economy, and what viewed as temporary may be our new permanency, at least to some extinct. Now the realization is that this corvid-19 grip is not letting us go as was thought in September 2021 but will continue to weigh in on the economy for some time to come. So what are astute entrepreneurs to do in the meantime? Focus on new and unique sales strategies and tactics for now and the near future that places the covid-19 center in the marketing plans of small business organizations.

The focus must shift from temporary short-term fixes to a new energetic approach to sales, especially those business organizations that rely on direct sales to boost revenue to their firms. The organization must now update their sales strategies for the new world that we live in with the concept that this is what we have now and may into the future of doing business. Thus, through software or with marketing organizations that deal with solutions to lead firms back to profitability in their industries.

As a small business consultancy, we have the software that small business organizations can implement into their plans to move the needle on new sales tactics and strategies for a pandemic and move into a post-pandemic business growth model. The new business strategy is inbound marketing that transcends from traditional marketing to digitalization and digital marketing concepts for now and the future. Our sales software can be the analysis of moving from bleak sales to a robust game-changing event in small businesses once implemented into its business ecosystem.

Let’s face it; there are some sales channels on social media that one must wait for approval before posting; why not take this type of power out of others’ hands and into your own? This is what is being offered, to take this power away from other social media channels, platforms and place them into your own marketing plan, a program through software that can be personalized to your business ecosystem. Moreover, it will usher in the new business methodology through digitization and customized business software that can leverage your business’s sales, marketing, and service sectors. Our software can be used by all industries in the marketing, sales, and service sectors.

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About the author:

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell holds a doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management works as a Small Business Consultant specializing in alternative financing, digital transformation, digital marketing, e-commerce, website development, and management software. He has offices in Southfield, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois. His primary focus is on small business organizations.


The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview, experience, and academic study, and research in the issues and practices mentioned in entrepreneurship and business management.

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