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Dr. Mitchell’s approach and insight to marketing in the 21st Century comes from 40 years of experience working as a business practitioner, along with academic tutelage of current new business trends that works for a 21st-Century marketer. This skill-set and knowledge contracted to other organizations that need their product/services promoted in the marketplace that the agency presents under the agency’s brand. The Agency’s development of partnerships with other business and financial practitioners for the 21st-Century entrepreneur or small business owner will help them in the new world of the digital frontier. The digital movement of websites, CRMs,   Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and other 21st-Century business products and even consumer products are not solely of the future but the present now. The digital frontier can arguably be, started at the advent of the modern computer and its various peripherals, and now the digital revolution is at hand.

There are various reasons why small businesses fail, and marketing is one. But what is marketing? Philip Kotler, who is one of the worlds leading authority on marketing, says marketing is about meeting the human and social needs profitably. Peter Drucker a leading management philosopher and academic argues the aim of marketing is to know one’s customer and satisfy their wants and needs through some product or service in such a way that the product/service sells its self. The only thing left is for the product/service made available to buy.

Moreover, which brings us to the 4 Ps of Marketing. Product, Promotion, Place, and Price. Thus, are the basics element of any successful marketing campaign. This writer had done a research paper, his dissertation on why so many small businesses fail and found the reason why is, small companies do not develop business plans. Hence, the marketing plan is a crucial part of this plan, and without a marketing plan, among other business issues, the venture is doomed to fail.

The modern small business organization, due to the internet,  has a myriad of marketing products and services before the year 2000 or coming into the new Millenium was unheard of, but gives the small business parity with its more significant counterpart-big business. Such as Websites, Video Conferencing, on-demand Virtual Meetings, Cloud Technologies, and Services, and other business services that are too numerous to reference in this article, but relevant to the modern business operation in the 21st Century. Today’s marketer must put all these business movable parts together that thy tell a message to a public that does not know the business exists or reinforce an existing business.

Marketing today has no boundaries; marketeers can deliver presentations and have meetings on-demand from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and correct software and a computer. Donald E. Mitchell Agency (The Agency) uses technology and the principals of marketing in the 21st Century to leverage and to bring about change in the marketplace through entrepreneur vision, business management, and academic peer-reviewed research. Our focus as marketing and a small business consulting agency is to find a problem and solve it using the latest academic research from today’s scholars. So from a marketing-small business consulting agency how can we help your enterprise increase its bottom-line? Contact us so we can converse and find an answer to your question.



As small business consultants, we look at providing solutions to problems of small business organizations. For example, since the 2008 financial crisis here in the US, that quickly spread throughout the world, banks and other commercial organizations have changed there lending practices to small businesses. Moreover, small businesses have learned to invest more money into their operations through equity or borrowing from friends and family. Thus, this capitalizing alone has limitations on the growth of the firm, and still a need for external financing from banks.

As a marketing and consulting agency, we have developed partnerships with other entrepreneurial organizations that cater to entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurial focus on delivering unique value for the entrepreneur. Thus, as a marketing agency, we have developed contacts with financial organizations, whereas we are to seek out businesses that fit their financing persona that need capital for their businesses. Once we recognize a fit between the two organization we set up an introduction between the two organization and the entrepreneur can speak directly with the financial organization, who has been in business over 20-years and have loaned close to a billion dollars to worthy small businesses.

Industry Types:

Restaurants, Hotel & Motels, Doctors/Dentists, Chiropractors, Liquor Stores, Beauty Salons/Spas, Auto Repairs, Jewelry Stores, Pet Stores, Electronic Stores. Now, this is not the entire list of approved industries that can be, funded; however, contact us, and we can email you the whole industry-approved list.

Financing Criteria

  • In Business 5-year +
  • Minimum of $500,000.00 in sales
  • Not in a current bankruptcy
  • Less than perfect credit, we can help; credit sores 651+
  • We develop deep relationships with our clients and serve as their business and financial consultants through the lending process and after funding
  • We are professionals in small business financing and work as small business consultants
  • No collateral needed under $750,000.00
  • Current 3—months bank statements

Moving forward

We can offer you with an instant quote, and the amount that you can qualify for (based on underwriting of your business criteria) through our loan calculator. Call us at (866) 400-3040 from 9-9 PM CST Monday-Friday and 10 am-5 PM ON Saturday’s closed Sundays. Loan approval within 24 hours and funding in as little as 3-days. We have offices in Southfield, MI. and downtown Chicago, and members of the BBB in both locations.

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We believe in speed and are very nimble. Contact us, and we will reach back within the hour. Our motto is we aim to please-always! So reach out, and let us reach back and get a quote for your business today.



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What is Merchant Services, and What Does it do?

As one who had practiced the merchant service business for 10-years until my business partner had passed, this writer considers himself an expert on the subject matter. So, what is merchant services? It is a contractual agreement amongst three parties, (1) Merchant Service Provider (2) The Merchant, (3) The Merchant’s Customer’s Bank. Here is how it works. A patron walks into a place of business to purchase a product.

He or she finds the product/service and produces their credit, debit card, or even a check (with a check guarantee company convert the check the same as a credit/debit card). Thus, the merchant takes the card/check and sends it through and electronic processing system that will process and obtain an approval/denial on the credit/debit card or check presented. Therefore, approval granted, the product/service rendered, and the receipt issued from the merchant to the customer. Nevertheless, there is much movement behind the scenes between the Merchant’s Bank and the Customer’s Bank. The Merchant charged a discount rate for the services rendered; for example, the merchant pays a 2% discount rate or pay to the processor 2% of the sale to the merchant processor, which is a 2% discount of the overall transaction.

Thus, a $100.00 purchase, less 2% = $98.00 plus other fees that are contractual in nature to the merchant, and the $98.00 deposited into the merchant’s bank account. Nevertheless, this is a complex financial transaction; there is much movement behind the scenes between the merchant provider and the customer’s bank; however, it all happens in seconds. Hence, without this service, Merchants would not be able to accept credit/debit cards. Thus, the writer was involved in 1989-2000 when the electronic processing systems were eliminating the paper draft of old, which about 30-days to process, and Merchant would funded for the transaction.

Merchant Service Products

  • Payment Gateways
  • The Credit/Debit Card Terminals
  • The Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Check Guarantee Services
  • The Automated Clearing House
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Merchant Cash Advances Vs. Bank Loans
  • Online Transaction Processing
  • Electronics Benefits Program-Food Stamps

Merchant Processing Pricing

Express earlier, the merchant processing business is a complex industry, and so it is with its pricing.  Hence, the complication of pricing in the Merchant Service Industry is dependent on the culture of the firm that the merchant chooses. Enclose are an example of various pricing fees to merchants:

  • Interchange rates
  • Interchange-Plus
  • Flate Rates
  • Tiered pricing
  • One-Time Fees
  • Account Fees
  • Minimum Processing Fees
  • Statement Fees
  • PCI-Compliance Fee
  • Account Setup Fees
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Chargeback Fees

As can be seen, numerous fees are associated with Credit Card Processing. The key to finding the right Credit Card Provider for your business is to know how the company intends to accept these payments?

  • What type of equipment and software is needed
  • Pricing Structure
  • Payment Service Provider or Merchant Account Provider

Watch out for my blog on Merchant Services after the 10-week series on “Why Do Businesses Fail?” Signup now so you can be informed of what it takes to operate a business in the 21st Century. Think not just locally but worldwide as well, due to the digital frontier is global. Websites make organization ubiquitous like no other time before for small businesses.



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According to Andrew Kucheriavy, who is the founder and CEO of Intecnic, content is the most crucial thing on your website. It is through this message that separates your website from your competitions. It is the window that visitors see what differentiates your site and business operation form others in your line of work, and why they should do business with you over your competition. Content is primary, and everything else is secondary. The content of your site should engage your prospective customers with tagline and slogan that are customary to your audience.

Content Marketing

This type of marketing involves all the creation and sharing of the media of publishing content to attract potential customers to your website. This information can become in a variety of formats, such as blog posts, videos, news, white papers, case studies, hoe-to-guides, photos, infographics.

The benefit of good content is to increase the readership of people who visit your website and potentially become a lead and then a client. The search engine loves constant updates within sites, and this change should be what potential customers want to see on a website. Such information will draw them there to look at your website longer, which brings them into your content, which interests them. Then use Social Media to promote the site and content.

What Is The Time Frame of Content Marketing Working?

According to Carol Ann Tan of Aprkd, which is a digital marketing and strategy firm, it will yield between six to nine months, depending on your industry and business. In short, Google, along with another search engine, has indexes of website pages, and it catalogs this information. Hence, this done by sending bots that crawl through the internet, so when you search Google’s keyword, you are seeking an index of website pages. Google’s algorithm is the determinator of which webpage to recommend first that relies on 250 factors which include SEO, keywords, the age of the domain, content quality and the competition. Thus, it is a complicated factor that happens is under a second.

So What do You do While the Content Marketing is Working?

Moreover, I recommended setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T. context, which is specific. Measurable, Attainable/Actionable, Relevant, Timely. Now, six goals are depending on your business goals.

  1. Calculate how much revenue you want your content marketing to generate: Let’s say you want to do $250,000.00 in three months-one quarter.
  2. Now you calculate how many sales you need to hit your sales goals: If your average sale is $4,950.00, then you need 50.51 sales per quarter or 16.84 deals per month to achieve your monthly or quarterly goal.
  3. Use your conversion rate to determine how many sales qualified leads (SQLs) you will need to obtain your goal: If 10% of your SQLs will turn into qualified leads, then you will need 500.51 SQLs to get your monthly and quarterly target of 16.84 monthly or 50.51 deals respectively.
  4. Now you must figure out how many marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are needed: Now, if 50% is your MQL or 1,001.02, that will convert into 500.51 SQL, which will covert into the aforementioned in #3 of 16.84 monthly and 50.51 quarterly.
  5. How many leads do you need overall: note anyone who converts to your offer is a lead; however, not everyone will be qualified lead (QL), so you may need 1,2000 leads or 400 per quarter or 133.33 to get your 16.84 MQLs for your monthly sales.
  6. Workout how much traffic your website needs: figure out what is your visitor to lead to conversion rate is. Thus to find out how many leads do you need monthly, quarterly, annually to meet your revenue goals.

Tim W. Knox in his article 10/27/2004 in Entrepreneur magazine online ( stated that if one has a business, then they should have a website, that statement held true then and even more so today with the increased usage of the internet and more companies having sites. The presence of a website gives credibility to the organization and give potential customers a chance to see what you have to offer and an opportunity to do business with you when it is convenient for them. This holds true for investors and others who wish to know more about you and your business and the products that you have to offer. Most consumers research companies before doing business with them and your website is the first impression they get about your enterprise. A professionally developed site gives credence to your business and can provide a favorable opinion in the mind of your next customer.

As a small business concultantancy, we have partnered with a website development organization that has a stellar reputation in the industry that operates under our brand. We intend to provide excellent service and in-depth consultation to the type of website that you desire with knowledgeable professionals that knows the ins and out of website development. Why not call us to learn more about how we can build or re-develop a professional website for your organization? The call is free (866) 400-3040 as well as your consulting call too.