Small Business and The Delta Variant

Published: August 2, 2021

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With the new delta variant, which is more contagious than its predecessor, the alpha variant, we now have another issue, people who have not paid their rent are now being evicted after a new moratorium not passed to keep them in their homes. The suspension ends to keep people in their homes Saturday, July 31, 2021. Now, this will turn into a mess, delta virus out of control, millions of people out on the streets around the country, in one of the worlds wealthiest nations, shouldn’t more be done?

This is an economic and health issue colliding and providing us with the least perfect economic and health storm one could imagine. Assessed by Zachary B. Wolf,  of CNN Updated as of 12:06 AM ET, Sun August 1, 2021, predicts a title wave of evictions coming in the next couple of months. With rent being due now for August 2021, there is still no means to pay them back rents due, continued pressure of more debt, and no way of coming up with the means of homelessness for millions of families with kids.

With lawmakers on their August break, and no new resolution or extensions passed before leaving will have a chilling effect on renters as landlords move forward with their evictions on renters who are behind. Then there is the Delta variant that may prompt the government to once again shut down communities due to the high contagious rate of this virus, calling for people to stay home and keep their social distancing and wear masks as before. Hence, it will dangerously put the US. in a precarious way as we continue to figure out how to work and be profitable using digitalization over face-to-face interactions into another economic slump.

There is a great divide between the Democrats, who are for the protection of renters, and the Republicans against them. The telling of private citizens not to evict tenants who are behind on their rent. To some, the government has abandoned the very people that need them. Vast unemployment due to the pandemic is rampant through many communities throughout the US., and as the pandemic continues and mutate, there seems to be no end in sight for the upsurge in employment nationwide.

Data shows that the most affected by the evictions and the lack of employment are people of color. Then you have the people who have not been vaccinated are 95% more acceptable to this new strain than those who vaccinated. With the CDC reiteration not to congregate in large crowds, these same people will add to the population at homeless shelters and increase the affected rate of people with the virus.

The Biden presidency called on state and local authorities Friday, early evening, to instantaneously start distributing rental help funds from the Covid aid regulations ahead of the expiration of the suspension. The state and local administration should be concerned that there is no legitimate impediment to the moratorium at the state and local levels. The reason the White House could not leverage another extension is that the Biden Administration stated in June that July 31would be the last request for an extension, and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh stated in his opinion that the only reason that the extension granted in June was due the White Houses promise this the last time requestion an extension.

The CDC called for the moratorium to stop the eviction of renters because this could help slow the transmission of the virus throughout communities. By tenants being evicted and forced out of their homes, this would give the virus a stronghold in increased invections. Thus, the estimated 11.4 million that would be homeless would be a setback to the taming of the virus as various pharmaceuticals were developing a vaccine.

State and local governments can use the Emergency Rental Assistance and American Rescue Plan, these local funds to support policies with courts, community groups, and legal aid to ensure people may be evicted can reach out to these programs for help.

Conclusion and Ending Remarks

Small businesses must rethink their business models and find new ways to do the same thing within reasonable budgetary restraints, while their larger counterparts do not have these same restrictions. The larger organizations have more human resources and more substantial budgets and can assign workers to develop strategies to overcome the pandemic Dilemma. Small businesses must stay resilient and creative in the marketing and management of their businesses in overcoming this paradox.

Many industries, such as the restaurants, and hospitality sectors, had laid off or totally when out of business and added people to the unemployment lines who no longer had jobs. Hence, it started the ripple effect of not being able to pay rent, car notes, and other expenses that they have typically done. This over 11 million people equals a financial disaster in the making, and the government cannot have a permanent fix to the unemployment situation.

Then there is another problem in the midst of one looking for new housing; the prospective landlord will be hesitant in allowing a tenant that has been recently evicted from moving into their rental. So the tenant must prove they are at minimum risk and have overcome the past challenges, and the new landlord must feel comfortable with them to give them another chance to rent. But not all evictees will be fortunate to have found a new job that has replaced the one lost due to the pandemic.

Then we have this new delta variant that spreads fast than the alphavirus, which was its predecessor. However, the delta variant attracts the unvaccinated at a 95% rate of transmission. And some cases of those who have been vaccinated are also infected. Nevertheless, there are too many unvaccinated people roaming the streets, many of whom have been misled of the seriousness of this virus, stating it is like the common cold or other fallacies of not getting vaccinated. Thus, being vaccinated is the way to eliminate these viruses from our presence. Fortunately, we got rid of the polio vaccines in the 60s, that way through vaccinations.

About the author:

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