So, Who Got the PPP Money?

Published: July 11, 2020

Did You Get Yours?

Well, July 6, 2020, the Treasury Department named some 650,000 who got US small business loans. However, the problem here much of the money went to those who were less deserving.  And many had ties to the current administration. Those small businesses that were more deserving were left out the entire process altogether. Even those who were less impacted received funds.

Fifteen million dollars given to a large Trump contributor with a large franchise that holds a Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and a Taco Bell’s got money. But to others to whom this money meant for was left out of the loop. Like minority businesses who before the crisis were over 1 million small businesses were reduced by some 41%, were only 17% disruption of white companies. These organizations denied more frequently as well.

The government could help sole proprietors by assisting with the rent and other utilities such as the internet, phones, and other essentials to keep the doors open. Those that were fortunate to get the money has run out of them already and looking at closing down due to payment not stretching far enough. The money did not reach the companies that needed it. Like Kanye West’s clothing line which received 2 million dollars

Jim Justice, known billionaire governor of West Virginia, family received at least $6.3 million. And at least some six justices families received loans. And, TGF restaurant chain received between $5 million, and 10 million dollars

The Cares Act

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Now, if one is ineligible for other state or federal programs, such as unemployment benefits (2) or who can not work due to Cornavirus help emergency (3) who can not telework or could receive paid leave is eligible for the relief. This program provides money for recipients who can not qualify for other government programs

Then there is the Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). This EIDL loan is for those who have had an economic downturn in revenue. Thus, the money due to Coronavirus.  Up to a $10,000 limit. And a lot of these loans have been turned down. Why is that the needy can not get through the door, but the greedy can, those who do not need the money but only saw an opportunity?

A good idea, but there must be some tweaking in the laws that need this money can get it—too much favoritism, and not enough empathy. Business owners are suffering from these forced shutdowns, and many will never come back to reopen their stores. This will drive up the unemployment lines, with workers wondering how they will make it. Will they be able to pay the rent this month?

With no money to buy food, the food pantries flooded with people who would have never thought they would be in this type of predicament, but they are. Children are hungry, and their parents are not able to work. And the schools only heaven knows when they will open again. Churches are stepping up with ways to help their communities with food, and it is never enough.

Hospitals are overcrowded with patience, and the doctors may have to play God on who lives or dies in triage settings. Doctors taxed with working too many hours. Supplies are running out and becoming limited. Then, many of them are coming down with the virus. So who is going to help us when they godown?

Final Thoughts

With the US holding the record with the most victims of the Coronavirus in the world. How is the US to come out of this?  And it appears the current administration has no clue what to do. Thus, it was once considered a virus for those over 65. But now we see the young adult in their 20’s catching the virus. This, virus has a way of attacking the lungs and making it hard to breathe and long-life disabilities therapeutic relief.

Dr. Fauci says this is still the first wave, and the second wave is not due until the fall/winter months. With this present administration pushing for schools to open for the thought of full employment, which will make things worse. Children will intermingle with other students who will catch the virus and bring it home to their parents, grandparents, and others. The teachers will catch it, then bring it back to their families, and we begin the vicious circle of this virus spreading again.

So tell me, what do you think? Am I the bearer of gloom and doom? Why don’t you comment on this blog and let us hear from you on what you think? We hold your comment and thought of this very precious.

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