The Edge Program

Published: September 17, 2020

The Edge program is a winning solution for merchants

The Edge program is a compatible solution that adds value and available now.

The Edge Program.

This program enables merchants to set their own retail price for an item for consumers paying cash or paying by plastic (credit/debit card). This is similar to how gas stations have two prices for their customers who want cash or credit. All items have two prices.

The edge program is designed to support merchants in all 50 states. And encourage them to follow the rules of commerce and pricing in their own specific state. The edge program meant to subsidize the actual cash discount, and the programming allows for the merchant to make the desition on how to price their prices for items in harmony with their current state laws.


The merchant set’s a standard retail price that reflects a 4% increase to price for all items. Then the sales/revenue are also increased, and sales tax collected on that increased revenue. Now, this is dependent on supporting software to handle the processing of the transaction input. So, the edge program, which is a combination of equipment programmed with a flat-rate pricing structure.

4% to non-cash payers than purchases the merchant’s goods or services.

If the merchant wants to go lower than the 4% on their cash discount, they must contact their partner relationship advisor.


Retail accounts should always be on a daily discount.

The Software Programming Requirements:

When possible, both prices are displayed when the items are scanned or selected.When payment is submitted, selected the correct line item price and total appears. Sales tax computed on the full amount.
As one is adding items, it is adding those items to the transaction.Thus, the line item price changes on the receipt of the consumer. Which is based on how the payment is submitted, cash, or credit selected. And the total of the entire process is on the receipt.
Ideally, there should be a cash total and another total.The software on the terminal will print the labels with both prices.

In short, the edge program allows the merchant to set the retail price along with all items that the business sells. So, the merchant is able to transfer the cost of processing the credit card to the consumer who is using there card for the purchase of goods or services from the merchant. This process is done by providing signage and offer the consumer a choice. Which is, they would pay a lower cost for merchandise if they pay with cash, and more if they use a credit card.

The Edge Program Difference

  • The software calculates the total price of goods and services collected as a sale.
  • When the merchant is claiming their sales, they must include the non-cash prices increase in the sales totals that they report to the states. The software that runs Edge will do this for the merchant automatically.
  • The increase in sales is subject to sales tax.
  • Now, if you are in a state that does have a sales tax, make sure you understand to pay sales tax on the non-cash price increase collected on the transaction amount. Alternatively, the software running edge will do all the calculations for you automatically.
  • The software will work with other merchant service programs, such as Payanywhere, Paradise, retail cloud,
  • And provide a simplified statement for the other processors too.
  • No interchange or other percentage fees charged to the merchant.
  • There are only three sections on the statement for the merchant (1) deposit detailed summary, (2) details, and (3) billing charges, which makes a simplified statement.

Equipment and Parter Software that can run Edge.

Software Currently Running Edge:

As you can see, we have the software or partners whose software will work within our system. If you are locked in a contract, we could buy you out. You don’t need any money to get started; we will provide the equipment for FREE. Remember, the objective of moving to our Edge Program is to earn more money through not doing anything different in your business; it is all about the software. You no longer have to pay a discount rate to processors, only if you want too.


So, let’s get started; there is absolutely nothing for you to lose. No one is requesting you for any money. If there is a cost to cancel your current contract, we could pay it up to $259.00. No need to acquire equipment; we will supply that to you for FREE. No long term contracts this could be on a month to month process if you like.

You get paid what you have traditionally paid to processing companies (review your statements that you paid out last year) could be money in your bank account as we advance, so where is the downside to our program? So, let’s get started today. Can you imagine a reason why not? Please share so that we can improve our programs.

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