The pandemic And Business Development vs. Sales Development

Published: November 8, 2021

Successful Business Development …

 New Business Development is Central to All Enterprises

No matter what industry that one is in, be it for-profit or non-profit. Manufacture, retailer, or have a service business; if the company makes no sales, that business will cease to exist, voluntary or forced out by creditors. So what is your process to develop a new business? Do you have one? Thus, is prospecting a central part of your business process?

Do you wait on or expect repeat business from your customer base over the past? Marketing, Business Development, and Sales are three different processes and should remain treated as such. Firstly, let me explain from the eyes of Peter Drucker, who changed the way management thinks in the operation of today’s business processes. Drucker states that the marketing concept aims to make the process of selling unnecessary in the marketing process, the prospect would want the product or service, and the only thing the salesperson must do is take the order. Marketing is a 360-degree focus on people and the satisfying of their needs

Thus, Whereas Business Development is the process of or actions taken to identify those prospects whose business needs pairing with the offerings, benefits of another. The business development process refers to a variety of activities of a company to identify prospects whose business demands match the offerings, benefits of another firm. Thus, The Activities, such as prospecting and prospect research, gauges competitive positioning, networking, and the development of strategic partnerships.

Sales Development

In the concept of the sales process, business development can also refer to sales development. This process suggests the top-of-the-funnel actions that can identify with qualifying leads with exceptionally high buying potential. When implemented well, the development process can set a smooth course of action for sales reps who operate adjacent to a sales process. Hence, it makes for harmonious prospects and compelling value propositions.

Thus, Sales development roles are defined in two distinct functions, business development rep (BDRs) and sales development reps (SDRs). However, these roles are entry-level positions that can lead to career paths in sales. However, either part complements the sales process by assisting the sales rep with tasks followed by leads to identifying quality leads, which are then processed to close by the sales rep.

The Distinction Between Business Development and Sales Development


 The short and quick, neither role are involved with carrying a quota or closing; their functions are to supplement the sale professional with prospecting, identifying quality leads to transfer to the sales team for the closure of the deal. At the same time, sales only objective is to close qualified leads on behalf of the firm. Now, if you are a smaller organization, these two functions are done by the sales rep. And if you are a larger organization, these two functions are split up between sales development and the sales team, segmented and given to the sales team.

Digital Transformation

Thus, the pandemic ushered in new ways of doing business. IBM reported on business in the post-pandemic world and how we have adapted. Digital transformation was an epiphany in which entrepreneurs and small businesses found a sustainable way through technology to suppress the onslaught of shutdowns. It is not that digital transformation is new, just forced on small businesses to survive at a low cost. This shift has proven profitable and quick to implement into the business process with some slight changes and moderations.

Everyone is wondering or asking the question, is our new normal our future? IBM believes the answer is yes; this is our new normal. Hence, there will be an attempt to go back to the way things were before covid-19, but in reality, the genie is out of the bottle, and the business community must continue to adjust and move forward with technology.

Business and sales development has changed in the process of how to develop new business. Face-to-face interactions will limit future communications to other methods of contact with prospects and customers alike.

Since business and sales development is part of the marketing phenomenon, the marketing functions have also changed. The past methodology has evolved to digitalization, a cheaper communication method than traditional, and it is quicker and measured. Since none of the fixes are new, why did it take a pandemic for businesses to embrace?

In a word, change. People fear change and would like to maintain the status quo because it is comfortable and predictable to some degree. At the same time, change is uncertain and requires changes within oneself to implement a new direction over that of the past. The shifting to cloud-based companies, the usage of more automation, the adjustment to managerial changes, and permanent changes to organizational and administrative strategies.

The Human Element

Employers and employees are at times at an impasse. Where neither trust the other, and yet employees feel their employers do not care about their healthy being. When the employees see more automation in the workplace, they feel detached from their employers and feel vulnerable. Employers should also invest in their labor force through training and making their employees feel they are needed, and not just a number.

Business executives believe that after the pandemic, the work ethics of the past will be just that. More people will depend on online shopping and its rise as a business method over face-to-face contact. According to IBM, 84% of executives say customer experience management will be a high priority over the next two years.

Concluding Remarks

The distinction between business development and sales development is distinct; thought to be the same, but they are not. At the same time, new business development deals with prospecting and identifying prospects that would be a good fit for them and the qualifying organization and the prospective firm. The differentiator of business development is that it is not a closing process but an information-gathering event.

Whereas, the sales development process takes the information from the new business development team and uses it to close the deal. Thus, is a big difference between the two, one is information gathering, and the other uses the information to close the sale. The business development specialist position is an entry-level one used to guide one career in sales.

Although the two functions are separate, it is customary by larger organizations. In contrast, smaller firms do not have this separation, all done by the sales rep. Nevertheless, it suggested that as the organization grows, it should become two divisions within the firm.

As a small business consultant who specializes in entrepreneurial revenue through sales and marketing. So, If your organization has problems with the solution of finding ways to be profitable in the area of sales, marketing, and the service sector, enclosed is my calendar and schedule your free consultation. in this matter to see if we can be of service with a solution to your business issue.

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I am interested in the readership commenting on this blog to better handle this current situation and crisis with the covid-19 pandemic. And response will follow.

About the author:

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell holds a doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Thus, I work as a Small Business Consultant specializing in management software, digital transformation, digital marketing, e-commerce, website development, and alternative financing. I have offices in Southfield, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois. My primary focus is on small business growth and solutions for growth through sales and digital marketing.


The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview, experience, and academic study, and research in the issues and practices mentioned in entrepreneurship and business management.`

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