The Pandemic-Business Closeout for 2020!

Published: December 10, 2020

Courtesy of Jeremy Rundle

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, a new direction is at hand taking; we must now take completely new ways to market our services to a public who has depended on us in the past. Hello, Dr. Donald E. Mitchell here with Donald E. Mitchell Agency, Inc. (, where I am the founder, President, C.E.O., and small business consultant specializing in marketing for small business practitioners. In the wake of the pandemic, a worldwide health phenomenon, it has brought commerce to its knees with the lay-offs and the permanently shutting down some businesses such as the restaurant and hospitality industries. Nevertheless, we shall prevail due to the entrepreneurial spirit of change; after all, that is what we do.

The Birth of Microsoft Corporation

The transformation of digitalization is not a new phenomenon. This process started to lift in 1995 with that of Microsoft. Later, with the ubiquitous usage of the internet, it was then seated in Google. Arguably the king of search engines and another internet algorithm to make this 21st century more interesting than the 20th century, let me explain.  On April 4th, 2075, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, a computer software company. In 1987 Microsoft went public, which made Bill Gates the youngest billionaire at 31 with the introduction of Microsoft Office, a bundle of related software for business users, which is still its cash cow for Microsoft today in the 21st century.

In 1985 Microsoft introduced Microsoft Windows, and ten years later, Microsoft 95, which was the beginning of digital transformation and the ubiquitous usage of the internet. During the second half of 1995, Microsoft introduced its web browser, Internet Explorer. In June 2011, Microsoft released Office 365, a subscription-based application that regularly updates rather than waiting for software to update annually. Other software applications such as Dynamic 365 for different business applications for the business sector.


Googles birth started in 1998 with the founders Larry Paige and Sergey Brin, students at Sandford University. In the beginning, the two did not agree on anything. However, in the second year, they developed a partnership that has withstood to this day. Their concept was to build a search engine that would be ubiquitous to the world using the World Wide Web well-known as the internet. This concept brought about the attention of academia and outside investors such as Andy Bechtolsheim, who wrote Larry and Sergey a check for $100,000, and Google Inc. was officially born. 

Today Google is the premier search engine arguably for the world. And when speaking of search engines, you will often find people saying to “Google it.” Google has other internet programs that work hand-in-hand with the internet, such as Google Analytics and other programs and algorithms that interact with the internet, such as keywords that affect search engines lookup or queries for the internet searches.

2000-to the Present with Digital Transformation

Now, what is digitization? It is the process of changing analog processes or assets into digital format without impacting the actual procedure of its outcomes. This would include the transitioning from paper bills into its electronic version; this saves money and the alleviation of paper bills into electronic billings and makes the retrieval process quicker than through the mail. This would also include hospital bills from paper to electronic billings and the move from fax machines to email, to name a few.
However, the meaning of digitalization is less clear-cut. Nevertheless, many sources agree on the fundamental premise: that digitalization revolves around using technology to innovate and redefine products and services. Digitalization innovation has transformed and disrupted the conventional way of doing things, from the lowering of computers to making them more available to the average consumer to the software to make them more powerful.
Today, all industries are impacted by digitalization. Still, not all know how to deal with this technology short of having I.T. personnel keep various computer systems up and running. Thus, cloud technology innovation has reduced the challenge of the average consumer needing to worry about this due to the 24/7 365-day customer support. That is offered by the companies that store the date and keep the system up and running to about ninety plus percent of uptime over that of downtown and worry when I.T. will show up.

Marketing During the Pandemic

There are various marketing resources businesses can use during the pandemic that has plagued the world and the separation of us from our customers. The first would be the development of a marketing plan. This is a communication strategy to connect with your customers or audience to influence them to do business with your firm. This strategy is to show what makes you different from your competitors and how you can make their pain points go away.

Another area is to increase your digital marketing campaigns into social media to get a more extensive reach for your product or services. Another is to modify your email marketing and be more personalized a one-on-one presentation over that of a mass communication as that of traditional marketing concepts. Educate your prospects or customers on their interest concepts; if you don’t know what those issues are, then ask them through surveys.

Closing Remarks

Doing business in this pandemic of 2020 has been difficult, to say the least; nevertheless, we are entrepreneurs. Thus, we do this by standing up to a challenge and solving problems through good old fashion creativity and innovativeness. So, as we look to 2021, let’s remember 2020 in all the challenges it brought to us all, and learn from them and develop a new business model for 2021. Still, the remembrance of what we learned during this pandemic, for one thing for sure, this too may come again in a different form but the same results as we have now.
Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A.

About the author: Dr. Mitchell is the founder, President, C.E.O. of Donald E. Mitchell Agency, Inc. ( He holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in entrepreneurship and business management and an M.B.A. and B.B.A. in Marketing in traditional and digital.

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