The Uncertainty in Business

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Six weeks into the new year and uncertainty is all around us, with more questions than answers to be addressed. Thus, the pandemic’s continuation, which has persisted in more people out of work, and a new administration has taken on this task to bring us back to our standard, or is that a pipe dream? Rioters took over the capital building, five dead, hundreds arrested or sought to desecrate this sacred building.

Marketing & Sales

Traditional marketing, digital marketing, or the blending of the two, which strategy is relevant for today’s entrepreneur/small business? When the pandemic is rolling out in March 2020 and companies were forced to shut down, this marketer took this opportunity to increase my skill sets through additional training and knowledge; digital marketing from Digital Marketing Institute/American Marketing Association. The change from the conventional way of doing things to that of digital is nothing new it is just the pandemic that brought it forefront in how business is to conduct in the future.

As a marketer staying relevant with your career is essential not only from a professional standpoint but also for your client, for they, on the other hand, are getting the best that a professional can deliver. This means the customer is getting the best or best practices from a professional. The moving of goods and services from concept to that of the end-user is different from what it was just ten years ago. Now everything is digital.


The pandemic has changed the way that all businesses do business. Personally, meeting people or the interaction between buyers and sellers are the thing of the past. Now the consumer with the advent of the internet, consumers research who they want to do business with long before they speak to a salesperson. E-commerce has also has gotten a lift from the pandemic due to people being afraid to be in crowds, so they order products online and pay with a credit card.

Today’s salesperson must understand digital marketing, use the internet to move their products, and promote services. Even for small businesses, the use of websites is a commonality rather than a luxury for merchants of today. The features of videoconferencing are standard today, whereas, in the past, this was only for the larger organizations.

Administrative Change

 A new administration change from Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden; however, not as peaceful as it should have been. On January 6, 2021, the United States’ Capital was breached by a mob that then-President, Trump incited. This act of desperation to hold on to the presidency’s power was televised worldwide, and for the first time in history, of the United States looked like a third world country. People were killed, and the feeling of being safe in what some called one of the safest places on earth was forever shattered.

Now the 45th President’s trial is underway for sighting an insurrection at the Capital and putting our elected official’s lives and their staff in danger. The chant of hang Mike Pence and put a bullet in the head of the House’s Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, were frequent chants of this crowd. Donald Trump the first President of the United States to be impeached twice in our American history.

Corona Virus Vaccines

With the new administration change to President Joe Biden Jr., who is now our 46th President of the United States, is tasked with vaccination of the nation. As of February 7, 2021, Corvid deaths in America are 460,000 souls lost to this deadly virus. This virus has taken the rich and famous lives and the poor; it does not differentiate whom it takes and kills. Nevertheless, this was a campaign promise of our new President to eradicate this deadly menace to our society, and our way of living is in jeopardy.

With two vaccines approved for distribution, the race is on to vaccinate as many people as possible. So this new strain that has been detected does not become the dominant variation of this disease. The past administration had lied to the public on how many vaccines were available for distribution. Now, the current administration must put all that behind them and develop a solution to inoculate American citizens. Which, in the end, will not be a small chore.

Social Unrest

Social unrest in this country is at an all-time high. This writer’s opinion that this racial divide in the U.S. had ended with the 44th President of the United States elections, but not so.  With the election of the next President, Donald J. Trump, there is an awaking of a deep wound that has never been addressed. So how does this racial wound be healed? You have people who have been in this county for hundreds of years, and yet they are discriminated against.

The entire spring, summer, and fall, protesters of all nationalities stood against the killing of an unarmed man, George Floyd, by a knee on his neck, and other assaults on people of color; unlike different nationalities, they are gunned down worse than a dog. Now the people are tired of this double standard, one for whites and another for people of color. Then you have a President who fan the flames to divide a nation, and the people are just tired of such a double standard and want justice for all.

So as it is with the President of the United States, who incited a mob on our Capital. When will this all end?

Concluding Remarks

So this is the second month of the new year, and there is plenty of uncertainty in this nation due to the pandemic and the shutting down of the economy by closing various businesses around the country. Thus, it created a new way of doing business. The public is reluctant to be in crowds even in the holiday season, like Christmas and New Years’.

With the administrative change in the U.S. and the 44th President refusing to admit defeat, a vicious mob breached our Capital, and deaths occurred. With the big lie that the balloting was rigged and stollen, when in actually he lost. We bring up our kids and educate them not to lie, steal, and not make fun of less fortunate persons than we are. But our 44th President did all this and amassed a following of 70 million people who not only believed him but follow and did as he had suggested.

The coronavirus has taken many souls over the last year, and many medical professionals agreed that this did not have to happen. The past administration did not have a plan; now, this new administration must make up ground to make this vaccinating the country a top priority and make it happen. It is projected that all of 2021 will be a time of vaccinating the people of the U.S., and possibly next year, in 2022, we can come back to some form of normalcy.

In conclusion, we have divided our nation. The protesting, the marching, the talk of defunding the police department because of how they have handled the entire civil disorder. Have we learned anything from all this mayhem? So what do we do? I elicit your comments on how we can make and rebuild a better America.
Dr. Donald E. Mitchell

Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A., M.B.A., B.B.A.

Small Business Consultant-Specializing in Marketing

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