White Supremacy and Entrepreneurship

Published: June 30, 2021

By Simon Clark July 1, 2020, 9:02 am

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Neo-Nazis and white supremacists march through the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11, 2017.

Simon Clark wrote an article in Center for American Progress how white supremacy is returning the mainstream politics. I must admit I thought with the voting of a new black president, back-to-back in the United States; I really thought we were overcoming racism in America, boy was I wrong. Then came Donald J. Trump. He masterfully stroked fears in whites that the boogeyman was coming to get them, and who is the boogeyman; blacks, immigrants, and anyone that is not white.

Origin of White Supremacy

Tom G. Jelten wrote an article in National Public Radio (NPR) daily newspaper on white supremacist ideas and how they were part of the mindset of the white church. Jelten took the position of  white pastors taking their views from the platform of their pulpits to promote the separation of races and were justifying it through their interpretation of the Bible. Pastors such as Henry Lyon Jr who would give speeches to his congregation (all white) supporting the white supremacy position of why blacks were inferior and pushed his theory of how the Bible endorsed this concept.

Now I may be one of the few who practice religion who has read the King James Version of the Bible twice, from Genesis to Revelation, and then reversed the reading from Revelation to Genesis. And not only read the word but also studied and interpreted it through various study Bibles such as the Life Application Study Bible by Tyndale House out of Carol Springs. Illinois. This writer is also a Deacon in the Baptist Church for the past 39 years. And currently, under the Ministries of Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, IL, under the leadership of Pastor Eric Thomas, the church is presently celebrating its 103 years of service to the community. Yes, I have heard these lies, and I have not seen anything in the Bible in my studies to support this view.

Enclosed, you will find a transcript of a meeting and sermon delivered by Henry Lyon Jr., the third after the assault on the Freedom Riders in Montgomery, Al, in 1961. Then you had James Henley Thornwell, who was a Harvard Educated scholar who promoted slavery and promoter of white supremacy from his pulpit at the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C, and the congregation included slave owners and people in business and other members of the political and economic elite in Columbia. Most people never read the Bible, let alone the entire Bible, so the interpretation and preaching of the word are believed by those preached because the hearers believe the source of delivery.

So What is it That White Supremacists Believe?

When one looks up the meaning of white supremacy in Merriam-Webster, it labels people of white descent that their core belief is that they are superior to those that are not white. And they are to dominate anyone that is not like themselves. As expressed earlier, this belief is defensible by their attempt that this is biblical and it is Gods divine way; which is a lie that has been perpetrated on a people to lift them to an awakeness from a mental mindset that the boogeyman is coming to get what they have, and suppressing them from getting more or other opportunities.  And that boogeyman is African Americans and other non-white Americans.

 However, since the ushering in of the 21st Century, from the year 2000 to the present day, our world has changed. What brought this change is two inventions, the internet, and the World Wide Web. This digital changed how we now communicate worldwide, and other digital opportunities that were not prevalent before the year 2000, which means people must evolve to the present by developing new skill-sets for the 21st Century and letting go of the past.

Donald Trump looked in the mental mindset of those whites who were less educated who were holding on to coal mining jobs and other industries of the 20th Century and promising them the lie that this could transform them into the future,  while on the other hand, misleading people on how these industries were destroying our planet with other toxic industries. Then you have those whites with the privilege of being white, wanting to protect their status as the majority my elimination other non-whites to coming into America

The broken Institute states that by 2045 whites in American will be a minority. Why is this? There are two reasons why, the first, the white population is aging, and the birth rate to repopulate to maintain the status quo is not there. On the other hand, non-whites coming into America are out-pacing white America, and now whites feel threatened and willing to do whatever to slow this progression in the future.

This is why the Trump administration worked on immigration and the slowing of those immigrants to come into this country, in time would reduce the inflow and bring back the parity of whites in America. So once again, they sold whites that the boogeyman was at the border, and they were rapists coming for their daughters and murderers too. And we must build a wall to keep them out. And they are coming for your jobs, will be on Welfare, and take away the resources of the U.S. and weaken our great country, which is another lie told.

So How Does This Affect Business, And Entrepreneurship in America?

One thing the pandemic has taught us if one had the wisdom to observe, the world is changing how we do business, and we must change and evolve with it or be left behind to those who change with it. Opportunity is all around us, but does one have the new skill-sets to take advantage of these new opportunities? After 15 months of the economy shutdowns, many called the essential workers are rethinking how they want to continue or change their job/careers for the future, and 600,000 deaths in this pandemic remind them why.


Kathrine Kallehauge did an article in Impakter on the inequity of education of black compared to whites. The article went back to when the first slaves were brought to America by force and illustrated how the slave master purposely kept slaves ignorant and unschooled. While advanced education went to whites, the black communities received elementary-type education that would make them better laborers, not free thinkers.

White supremacists continually use education as a barrier to knowledge, and understanding in doing so would keep people dazzled, dumbfounded, and not knowing one’s true nature or plight in life.  The objective always is to convey the superiority of whites while denigrating blacks and the concept of making them feel inferior to whites. So the aim is to keep blacks ignorant by not teaching them to read and reason for themselves.

I remember the 2007-2008 mortgage crisis here in America that spread throughout the world. I was a mortgage manager at that time, and many financial institutions went out of business. And these were some of the largest institutions that were considered too big to fail, but they did. Thus, it was the first time I had gone to work in my sales career and informed the mortgage office was shutting down. I promised myself then and there that this would not happen to me again; what did I do? I went back to school to get the degrees I left on the table years ago when I was in my twenty’s

Eight years later, and $170,000, I had my Doctorate in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and had an MBA-Marketing. This is the same thing others should do if they desire to stay relevant in the 21st  Century business world.

I want to learn from you on what you think of white supremacy and entrepreneurship. Make your responses on the comment section of our blog, and above all, be safe and watch the crazies, for they are everywhere.

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