White Supremacy and Police Brutality in America

Published: July 18, 2021

Protesters are driven from the Capitol by police on January 6.Photograph by Ashley Gilbertson / VII / Redux


The pandemic/Covid-19 slowed down the world and got us all to see life from a different perspective. Social unrest began with the murder of George Floyd, which was seen across the globe by a brave youth that put herself in harm’s way to tape from her cell the tragedy being carried for the world to see and document. Then there were those to feed us the lie that what we saw with our own eyes was not what we saw at all.

The brutality of a police officer casually murdering an unarmed black man in broad daylight with his hands in his pocket looking out into the crowd with no remorse in actions, as he squeezed the life of a father, uncle a human being with his knee on his neck for 9-minutes-for what reason? The authors attempt to show that this police mentality to people of color just did not happen in 2020, but for people of color, this type of brutality dates back when they were transported to America in chains as slaves. So here is the thesis question, has there ever been justice for people of color?

White Supremacy and the Attack on our Nations Capital

January 6, 2020, will be an infamous day in our American history due to this resurrection on our democracy and the breaching of our nation’s capital, while others orchestrating this a peaceful protest, but people killed, how is that peaceful? Census reports suggest that in about 2045, whites will no longer be the primary race. Thus, a new awakening has now by the past 44th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  to maintain this majority by any means necessary; he has begun to inflame fear among whites.

Putting up the border wall between Mexico and the United States and Mexico, Trump’s first campaign was for Mexico to pay for it, which did not come to fruition. However, his rhetoric is they are coming for your daughters, and they are rapists, murders, and drug dealers, and the purpose of the wall is to keep them out of America. But was that really the reason for the wall?

White Supremacist Infiltrate the Police Departments

 Danielle Schulkin. June 1, 2020, wrote an article on white supremacy in the highest levels of the government in the United States. Jake Tapper of CNN asked the then National Security Advisor of Donald Trump, Robert O’Brien if there was systemic racism in the law informant agencies in America. O’Brien’s statement, 99.9% of the law enforcement community, is good, and he said there are a few bad actors. So, in essence, O’ Brien speaks only to his estimate .1% of law informants have these issues.

Moreover, there are flaws in this statement; first, there is disregarding documented support by police force officers of alt-right extremist dogma throughout the nation. Second, O’Brien misinterprets systemic racism, which is a term that means that the organizations we currently have in place generate a racially dissimilar effect on minority populations, debated with individual officers. The FBI intelligence has assessed that white supremacist groups have infiltrated law enforcement and published an article in 2006 during the George W. Bush administration, which raised the apprehension of white supremacist groups in America in the police departments.

The report of the FBI warned that skinhead groups were encouraging their members to become what is called ghost skins. White supremacist groups use this term to blend in and not show the true purpose of their beliefs and advance the cause of white supremacy in America. Thus, with this attitude in the police department, one can hypothesize why so many people of color are killed for little or no reason.

The FBI, in 2015, produced a Counterterrorism Guide, which was obtained by the Intercept, which stated domestic terrorism investigations focused on militia extremist, white supremacist, and sovereign citizens often have ties to law enforcement officers. Hence, in 2009 the Department of Homeland Security released a report on right-wing radicalism and its connection to violent radicalization in the U.S.; Daryl Jonson was the report’s principal researcher on the subject. Daryl later told the Intercept that the Federal law enforcement agencies, the FBI, Marshals, ATF, are aware that extremist has infiltrated state and local law enforcement agencies, and have people in the law enforcement agencies sympathetic to their cause.

Is This a coincidence?

In 2019 a probe published by the Center for Investigative Reporting acknowledged that hundreds of active-duty and retired police officers are Confederate-sympathizing and white supremacist organizations on Facebook. Members of these groups are often openly racist. Law enforcement officers also linked to other groups such as Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, where their philosophy is defending white Americans from enslavement and actively hostile to immigrants. Steward Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keeper, often bragged in 2009 that his organization has thousands of enthusiastic and retired law enforcement officers in his group.

Steve Volk wrote an article in the Rolling Stones about white supremacy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the same city where police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. The racist attitude of whites is a profound process that has run deep into our American history, that started with the KKK after slavery unto this day. The policing of the communities of color by racist police officers unto a people throughout the Civil War, Jim Crow, Civil Rights activities, and racial profiling, the stop-frisk, up to the Black Lives (BLM) Matter demonstrations of today.

Then there is a contrast of January 6, 2021, with white men storming the capital in how they were treated as compared to BLM peaceful protesters, being gassed, beaten, arrested. While the damage of the whites killed disrespected our nation’s capital, with cries of hanging the Vice President of the United States, and no one arrested, as compared to BLM campaigns, why is that?

Conclusion and Final Remarks

Covid-19 has changed how we live and interact with others until this day. If this slowing down of America were not for Covid-19, then this issue of police brutality would possibly go unnoticed as it has been for hundreds of years to people of color. But it didn’t. The circumvention of hate groups, like the KKK, Oath Keeper, Three Percenters, Alt-Right, and other hate groups who have terrorized people of color centuries are now in the police department all across America.

The deep hatred of these alt-right organizations runs deep-rooted into America’s soul and fabric and at a point of taring this nation apart. However, the FBI had reported that these alt-right groups were expanding and infiltrating police departments across the country. So the killing of people of color is an un-writhen mandate by these groups away of ethnic cleansing one body at a time, with no checks or law enforcement officers being held accountable.

Justice comes in two flavors, white and non-white. White justice as the storming of our nation’s capital will go mostly unchecked. At the same time, people of color who do peaceful marches are shot, killed, beaten, put in jail at a much higher rate than the insurrection on January 6, 2020, of white men desecration of our most sacred monuments, the nation’s capital. And the white politicians have no stomach to find the truth of what happened that day or who was behind it. Is it because many of them were involved as well?

America’s conscience is on display for the world to see; the hypocrisy of application to other countries is not the same when it comes to itself. America must face itself in the mirror and recognize it had a violent past of hatred and the taking of land and property from indigenous people who were here before them and enslaved them, with a Bible in one hand and a gun pressed in the middle of their back with the other. Yet history covered up, and those who fight against recognizing the past errors. And teaching them to a younger generation for the understanding and correction in the future and remembering those who help build this great country. It is called Critical Race Theory.

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