Why did Walden University Put my Student Loan on my Credit Profile?

Published: August 16, 2020

I remember the excitement of being accepted into Walden University, as I worked on my Doctorate in Business Administration. There were two candidates (1) the University of Pheonix, and (2) Walden U. Living in Southfield, MI. I could look out of the Southfield Public Library window and see the University of Pheonix, and under every search engine I used, it was these two universities coming up one or two. But I wanted Walden over the two. I got accepted in May 2014 and started my classes, but there was one problem I felt burnt out after receiving my M.B.A. a few months before from America InterContienental University.

And then there was my move from Southfield, MI. to Downtown, Chicago. All of this took a lot out of me. The move, the studies, getting accustomed to a new city, all of this was overwhelming. But I moved forward nonetheless. So after getting below a 3.00 GPA,  in one of my classes, this brought my GPA below 3.00. overall. Thus, this disqualified me from academic studies at Walden. I submitted an application for a leave of absence for six months from the University and got it.

However, while on leave, I was informed by my student guidance counselor that they were going to send back my tuition to the Federal Government. Now I did not think much about what was said or what that meant but later found out they expected me to pay this tuition that was returned. My question was, why? Their concept was that I should have asked earlier for the leave of absence, and since I did not, I had to re-pay Walden. While I had done specifically what my student counselor had suggested, my question is, why am I being penalized on what my student guidance counselor had advised? Put this debt on my student loan like the other loans I had borrowed.


In the end, they placed $3,200 on my credit profile, and to this day, it is still there. So this what I need from social media. I need your advice (1) should I pay it? Or (2) fight it? In my opinion (1), Walden U should remove this $3,200 off my credit profile and put it where I have always felt it should be, on my student loans. (2) Or they should remove it from my credit profile and write it off as a bad debt on their accounting processes, and they can afford it.

This last action would be excellent customer service and a strengthing of their brand in the marketplace. Where others can see Walden U is for doing the right thing for its students. And maintain an excellent stellar name in the market, and not one who want to collect tuitions without giving little in return.

Please let me know what you think, for this means a lot to me. Go to my blog and make your comments. I will follow up.

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, Doctorate of Business Administration-emphasis; Entrepreneurship, and Business Management from California InterContenental University.

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