Why is There a The Great Resignation in America?

Published: January 6, 2022

The Great Resignation of 2021: Are 30 …


Why is There a The Great Resignation in America?

According to Elise Gould, the senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, the number of Americans who have quit their jobs has exceeded the pre-pandemic, especially in the lower wage segments, and this trend is not slowing coming into 2022. The struggle of the owner to fill these open positions is paramount on their minds and needs addressing to have a whole staff for working conditions. Those who have left due to the pandemic want to make up their own minds on how they should work around others whom they don’t know if they are vaccinated.

This pandemic has led many to re-evaluate their work environment and priorities on what they should do for family and their sake. Economic expert at the Economic Policy Institute said in a statement to Business Insider. In 2009 the count for those quitting their jobs was a little over 1.5 million, to 4.4. million to current data in 2021.

The Why

The Labor Department is on record saying the record of 4.5 million American workers that quit their jobs in November 2021 many will not go back to their full-time office work as companies began calling them back. As the calendar turns to 2022, many will continue to resign and look forward to economic and lifelong adventures in areas they are suited for. These new nomads will venture to smaller towns with the need for only a computer and seek reliable internet access.

Then some are tired of working long hours, nights, weekends, holidays, and constantly being away from their families for such a long time, even with large paychecks, perks, and benefits. They are longing for more control in their lives. But before they make this leap, they should take inventory of what they need for security’s sake. What benefits can they do without leaving, and which ones do they need to maintain?

Then others will take their resources from pensions, savings, and other means and throw their hats in the ring to be an entrepreneur. If one has the capital and no prior business experience, the best business opportunity is to seek a franchise opening. A franchisor will train, layout a proven platform for success that the new franchisee should follow, with name recognition and a ready-made audience that will buy from them.

Working From Home

After one has thought about the move and planed their departure, why not talk to management about negotiations of doing your work from home? Now, this may not be applicable for all workers, but if your job is in an office environment and your work is on a computer, this may be transferable with the right technology. Or you can be a computer nomad and travel the world with all you need is your computer and a reliable internet connection, now how sweet is that?

Working from home has lots of benefits, such as if you have kids and they are at the school age, they will be gone most of your working hours. And if they are not, you can save money on the money for the babysitting with proper arrangements. It now becomes a family affair and workable. I have done it for years and highly recommended it.

Others may want to set up their own small business out of the home, with no overhead, and did I mention the tax benefits for doing so? No more venturing to the office, spending about an hour, and in some cases more transmitting to the office and paying for lunch 5-days a week. The savings right here with transportation and the cost of lunch can be surprisingly advantageous. Please do the math on your own situation and see what I mean; that is saving what you have been shelling out week by week for years.

The Wall Street Journal; The New Entrepreneur

Josh Mitchell (no relation) and Kathryn Dill did an article in The Wall Street Journal on November 29, 2021, on how the pandemic has bred a new breed of entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. The pandemic was the springboard to launch hundreds of thousands of Americans into entrepreneurship and self-employment as consultants, retailers, and small business owners. This explains the shake-up that is happening now and the reasons why. Americans are looking for freedom of choice in how better to live their lives on the terms they want and master their destiny, not some corporate entity moving them as pons for their profit motive movements.

The Industry-Shakeup, And Birth of New Entrepreneurs

Thus, the anxiety of exposure, the vaccine mandates, and the not knowing as they worked in an office environment or other industries on who was vaccinated and who was not. This entrepreneurial wave proves in the federal-tax-identification numbers that registered 4.5 million new businesses registered from January-October 2021, up 56% from the same period in 2019 when this pandemic began. The Census Bureau data show this is the most significant number of registrants since 2004, and two-thirds of these new businesses aren’t expected to hire employees.

This new magnification of one wanting to go out on their own terms through entrepreneurship and self-employment coincides with the difficulty with American companies finding and retaining an employee. In September 2021, the American workforce resigned for a record of 4.4 million jobs, says the Labor Departments’ data show.

Do you have a website, or must you redo it for the perilous times we now live in to get people to continue to do business with you through e-commerce or curbside pickup? Is it time to readjust your business plan or business model to deal with the new normal and challenges of doing business during the pandemic? Experts say we must learn to live with this disease, for it is not going anywhere soon.

Thus, If my agency can help your organization implement an e-commerce site or suggest a granular solution for your business, I recommend booking time on my calendar for a free consultation.

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