Why is Trump Meeting With Putin Before the Election?

Published: August 23, 2020

Our we losing our Democracy?

I am not a politician, but a businessman with a few questions. (1) why is President Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin before our November election? (2) why has he not taken Putin to task about the bounty on our troops? Russia has always been our adversary, so why are they are friends under Trump?

A report released by the President’s party that took three years to process accuses the Trump Administration of Russian ties. Although this is an account, the administration denies it. So the question here is why the President’s party would put out such a report if it were not proven through intelligence and were not true? The release with over 1,000 pages by a partisan senate and an extraordinary amount of facts show that there was extensive work to sabotage the 2016 election by the Russian government, which was to help Donald J. Trump become President of the United States.

 Mark Mazzetti and Nicholas Fandos, who wrote this article in the New York Times, also went on to say the administration put out the gise of this being a witch hunt and disinvolved all information the report. So, another question, why is it when the facts say one thing the administration always says it is a witch hunt? Therefore, I ask the question again.  What is it that is going on with the President of the United States and President Putin?

(1) Why is President Trump Meeting With Vladimir Putin Before our November Election?

Carol E. Lee and Courtney Kube reported on NBC News on this very subject. President Trump has informed four aids that he wants to meet with President Putin before the November election; the question is why. Yes, the administration throw reasons for arms talks and other foreign policy discussions, which are regarded as a smokescreen. Putin is the spymaster of Russia, ex KGB for 16 years before retiring in 1991 after working himself up through the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel. He then went on to start his political career in St. Petersburg.

 In 1996 he moved to Moscow to work with President Boris Yeltsin administration. Putin was planted in Yeltsin administration for a purpose, to take it over! I remember seeing Yeltsin dancing around with a beer in his hand drunk on TV on more than one occasion. I was laughing at these presentations, and I would imagine so was the world looking in on the nation’s new outlets. Now, this was an embarrassment to the mother country Russia.

In my opinion, it was inevitable for someone to come to force him out, and Putin was the guy to do so. Now Putin is there for life. Now here is a different question, does Putin have a playbook that Trump wants to learn more about for the upcoming election? Here is another matter, why has the Post Office been dismantled before our elections?

(2) Why Has Trump Not Taken Putin to Task About the Bounty on Our Troops?

At the age of seventy, I have seen a few things over my lifetime, and one of them is that Russia has never been a friend of the United States. I remember in my youth of going the movies to see Ian Flemming’s James Bond series of films. The entire theme was Russia not being a friend of the United States but that of an enemy. And James Bond was the American agent known as 007, who fought the Russian empire to preserve Democracy in the U.S. and abroad. Now coming back to reality, Russia has always been our foe and not our friend, so why is Trump so friendly with them now?

Thus, even with the publication of Russia taking out a bounty on our American troops. This action has angered us all, but not Trump, why is that? Why does the President of the United States does not want to accept anything his intelligence committee has to say about Putin? The President says he never got the briefing, that his intelligence committee says was given to him in February 2020. Then he went on to say if he had seen it, he would have approached Putin, but there were too many others who said this was fake news and not the truth.

Our we losing our Democracy?

Under the current administration of Donald J. Trump, I would venture to say we are the midst of losing our Democracy if elected for a second term. Terry M. Moe, who is a professor at Stanford University, chimes in on this agreement. However, it is hard to get a unanimous agreement between two professionals or experts on the same subject. Professor Moe believes the President needs more power over Congrees to put in effect his programs with little resistance from the other two branches. Nevertheless, is not this the reason why we have the three branches to have checks and balances of all three branches?

However, I do not feel that way at all. It is my belief this President has done great harm to our democratic norms and gearing this country in hatred, a separatist attitude that most of the nation do not agree too. For the most part, we raise our children not to do the very thing he does daily, such as lying continuously, and the making of fun to those who have physical impediments. The President has no empathy for his constituents or anyone outside of his base. And his relationship to dictators is not what the founding fathers had in mind for its President.

If so, what was the purpose of breaking from the monarchy of Britain? We are not looking for another King, but a President who treats all his constituents with grace, empathy, and respect. Please make your comments on this blog, and go to our website, www.donaldemitchell.com  let us know what you think. Your comments are appreciated, and we love to know your thoughts.

Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A., M.B.A.

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