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Published: December 1, 2021

Courtesy of merchant processing service in 2020 …


Hello, Dr. Donald E. Mitchell, D.B.A., M.B.A., B.B.A. here again. In my published November 22, 2021 blog, I wrote about our “FREE” CRM System; now, I am going to tie a perk with the “FREE” CRM System that can save you depending on the number of dollars that you process could save you hundreds into thousands of dollars processing per year. As a certified solutions partner, I can bring you these savings with other values tailored to your business organization, but first, let us deal with the merchant service part today and the additional values at another time. Ready to save some money?

What is Merchant Services

Thus, As one who worked in the merchant service industry for more than 10-years, one of the chief complaints from small businesses was their fees for accepting credit cards. The merchant service process of customers or your clients providing the merchant with information to charge their credit card for payment is an excellent way for a merchant to move their products or service and get paid. This process for a merchant to accept credit cards from their customers can even reoccur for future dates, automatically on the due dates. And is an excellent way to reduce invoices or wait on the check to come in or clear. For sellers to accept credit cards on their website is a way for your website to be your worker, work 24/7, don’t ask for any raises, and collect money when a process is moved forward by the website visitor.

Accepting credit cards is a way of not carrying cash, and we all know what happens when money is carried. If money is taken or stolen, it can not, for the most part, be retrieved for it is gone, not so with accepting credit cards, no one can get the proceeds but the merchant, even in a robbery. Another thing rarely mentioned is that the process is tax-deductible by the merchant; in short, whatever the merchant has paid into accepting credit cards, it is totally taxed deductible or able to get credit on your tax returns. Rates; Credit card: 2.9% per transaction, ACH: Free (up to $50,000 per month); then 0.5% per transaction (capped at $5).

Traditional Credit Card Fees

Now, I will show how you save money with our program compared to the traditional merchant service program. All merchant service providers do not have all these exact fees; each processor is different, and if one could go to their bank, for the most part, could be the cheapest way to accept credit cards for their fees could be more affordable, and perhaps the monthly minimum (this is a fee that would assure the processor they would get a minimum amount of money from smaller merchants every month) could be waived. Hence, they get paid quicker in some cases, like the same day as one closed (closeout and sent the transactions to the bank) out.

Now let us examine what I mean when I say one could save hundreds into thousands of dollars per year with our program. Let us look at the discount fee of 2%, and your business is doing $1,250.00 on average each month of credit cards. You would break even and pay $25.00 (the monthly minimum) each month to your processor, and when you take that-times x 12 months, that equals $300.00 each year, and if you did this for-10 years, you have just paid your processor $3,000.00. True, it is a tax write-off, but it comes out of the coffers, $300.00 this year to credit the following year on your tax returns.

HubSpot’s Merchant Processing

Now let us look at another scenario. With us, you just pay for what you process; you may pay a higher discount rate with us, but there are no other hidden fees to try to figure out each month when your statement arrives. HubSpot waives all fees on the first $50,000 of ACH transactions, then 0.5% per transaction (capped at $5) through our payment system each month. Enclosed is a press release on HubSpot and its new beta merchant service processing for all our merchants who want to save money on the one hand and have fast, seamless, low-cost processing on the other.

  • Payment links are a unique, native URL that simplifies the expenditures procedure with fewer steps for merchants and consumers. Links operate out of the box with other HubSpot processes in their suite of business packages. Payment links can be inserted on a website or communal in your email, chat, or quotes, creating it easier for customers to conduct one-time sales and manage payments within HubSpot.

  • Recurring payments allow businesses to sell memberships, set up retainers, take ongoing donations, and more. Periodic payments are also available as an object in the HubSpot CRM, giving customers the ability to customize their processes as needed.

  • Native integration with HubSpot’s quotes features in Sales Hub, allowing companies to get paid immediately when their customer accepts the quotation. Thus, this reduces the need to track down disbursements and payments after the purchaser has signed, saving valuable time for transactions teams and decreasing buyer tension. Businesses can also connect with other popular finance integrations to create a complete customer view from quote to cash.


As a certified partner with HubSpot and a small business consultant, our goal is to provide unique business programs for merchants and small businesses to prosper and grow in the area of marketing, sales, customer service. When I was at work on my doctorate at California InterContinental University, I found through research that two-thirds of businesses that start in the first year, by year 5-only one third would remain in business. My question was, why so many failures? One of the main reasons for small businesses’ failure is that the entrepreneurs developed no business plan.

Investopedia gives these 4-reasons why entrepreneurs fail:

  1. Financing Issues
  2. Lack of a Business Plan
  3. Deficient Management
  4. Marketing acumen

As a small business consultant, my objective is to help one business at a time overcome these four obstacles that small businesses encounter. So, Suppose your organization has problems with the solution of finding ways to be profitable in the area of sales, marketing, and the service sector and need money for your business (must be open for one year and doing $10,000.00 plus per month in revenue). In that case, enclosed is my calendar and schedule your free consultation. in this matter to see if we can be of service with a solution to your business issue.

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I am interested in the readership commenting on this blog. And response will follow.

About the author:

Dr. Donald E. Mitchell work as a Small Business Consultant specializing in management software, digital transformation, digital marketing, e-commerce, website development, and alternative financing.  My primary focus is on small business growth and solutions for growth through sales and digital marketing.

The author’s beliefs are personal and reflect his worldview, experience, and academic study and acumen, and research in the issues and practices mentioned in entrepreneurship and business management.`

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